Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday March 12th

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Crow Tarot

Good Morning! 

At the center of this spread is Death and with that, we must let something go so that we can fly. 

The crows of the Wheel of Fortune work together pulling and pushing our conscious and subconscious thoughts to spin the wheel. How fast we move out of one place and into another is solely on us and how we direct our thoughts. If we focus on all the things in our life that are going wrong, the wheel will move in that direction to be in alignment. If we focus on what is going well and what we are grateful for, the wheel will go there as well. The Wheel always wants to be in alignment with our thoughts. How quickly the wheel moves from one position to the other is dependent on us. The longer we dwell on the negative - the longer the wheel will stay there and over time the wheel sinks in and becomes harder to move. The same can be said when the wheel is in a positive place for a good deal of time - the longer it stays there, the harder it is to move it out. 

With this spread, the Wheel feels heavy and that is because there is dead weight that needs to be released. The crow of Death lays down and allows the part of itself that is no longer serving any positive purpose to release and in doing so the bird becomes lighter and agiler. Whether it is was negativity towards a situation or a belief that was preventing the crow from taking flight, in order to move forward and to move the wheel something needs to be let go. 

The death card suggests that there is something blocking the wheel from moving forward in a positive direction. By letting go of bad habits or negative thoughts we free up space within us to be filled with hope and possibility. 

You will know when the release is complete because like a rush of air filled energy is the Page of Swords bringing with it a new passion and drive to create something exciting. The crow of the Page of Swords is swift in action and thinking and is ready to take an idea and fly with it. No longer weighted down the crow can take on heavy tasks such as research and development with ease as it is fueled by an insatiable thirst for information. Whether the Page helps you with managing a new project, or way of living, by letting go of the past, you allow the positive energy of Page of Swords to usher in a brighter future. 

The key to this spread is to figure out what it is that is blocking the wheel, what is putting the breaks on your progress? It may be a simple grouchy morning attitude that started off as a little hiccup in your week that has morphed into a pattern of starting every day off on the wrong foot and in turn leading to feeling numb and unable to see the joy in the little things. It may also be a limiting belief about your self that prevents you from going after a dream. 

Take the time to examine your day - how does it start? Are you grateful for having another day to live and experience life or do you start off with a list of complaints about everything and everyone? If you find that you doubt yourself when it comes to your abilities, look for the source and let that go this will allow the curious crow of the Page of Cups to fill your head with ideas on how to gain the knowledge you need to go after your dream.

The purpose here is to get the wheel out of the rut so that it and you can move forward because when you do - it's going to feel like a rocket! 



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