Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Monday March 19th

Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Monday March 19th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning!

This morning the energy I get here is one of connecting with friends and taking the time to enjoy the company of others - it is here that you will find the solution to that last issue that needs to be resolved. 

The crow of the Four of Swords needs a breather. It has accomplished much; however, there is just one last major task it needs to take care of before declaring success. This is a time when stepping away from the situation altogether, at least for a little while will prove most beneficial to the situation.

From careers to relationships, it can be necessary to take a step back from the action at some point - just so that we can see the situation with a new set of eyes. Sometimes being knee-deep in an issue or problem prevents us from seeing the situation as a whole because we are just too close. If you have been struggling to resolve the final component of a larger issue - it may be time to take a short break. 

The three crows of the Three of Cups gather in a beautiful garden to celebrate as they are surrounded by all the resources they need. This is a time of relaxation and a chance to enjoy the bounty the garden has to offer. Although traditionally the Four of Swords represents a time of going inward and seeking seclusion, the Three of Cups in this spread offers a respite from the chaos by spending quality time with friends. This may be a good time for a hike or getting out into nature with those who fill your spirit. 

The crow of the Ace of Pentacles sits confidently on the pentacle where it can clearly see the mountains off in the distance. From this vantage point, the crow has the answers it needs to move in the direction that will offer the best possible outcome. 

The message I get here is to pay attention to the signs you receive during your downtime - it might be a song or a random conversation - whatever it is you will find the solution for handling the last issue of the Four of Swords will come during this time and as a result, you will have a clear view of the path forward. 

If you are feeling exhausted because of a situation that is taxing your spirit - this spread is a reminder that is OKAY to take a break to nourish your soul. It is not a sign of weakness to remove yourself from a situation, instead, it takes strength to recognize when a break will best serve you as well as the situation as a whole.

The time we spend enjoying the company of others is incredibly healing and restorative! 



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