Hello! Thank you for visiting the Crow Tarot. Although I will always make the most current latest three days of readings for the collective. I am moving to archive my general three card reading and make them available only to subscribers. By subscribing you will help me continue to create thoughtful and insightful content as well as make good art. As a patreon subscrber for $5 a month you have full access to my archived readings and although they were written in the past, the message they bring into a current situation can be very relevant and will provide a different perspective that will assist you today. In addition, I love sharing with those who appreciate my work and not only will you receive access to all my readings you will get monthly perks such as downloadable digital art for cards or framing as well as special discount codes for my Crow Tarot store. One of the biggest struggles that creatives face is the fear of having to sacrifice paying the bills and supporting their family to fulfill their purpose or truly exercise their talent. Creating and helping others through the tarot is my purpose and thanks to your support I am free to create - and for that, I am incredibly grateful.