Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Saturday March 10th

Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Saturday March 10th

Crow Tarot

Good morning,

Ouch, there is a lot of sharp sword energy going on today and with it a warning.

The crow of the Ten of Swords was hurt, it was a sting of a thousand knives or ten swords to be exact. Recovering from such a mental attack takes time and healing did eventually occur, however at a price. Getting back to that loving trusting person after experiencing a major betrayal can seem impossible as the pain lingers within our core long after the event. Sure the knives may have been removed, but the scars remain. 

The crow wearing a blindfold of past hurts and betrayals now finds itself trying to keep balance within the Two of Swords. It is uncertain of the next step as it fears getting hurt again. It is unable to see the good in others and as a result, it stays in place, unable to let go of the past. It holds its grudges so tightly that all of the bird's energy is spent staying sure-footed between the swords. If it were to release and allow the blindfold to fall, the crow would easily have the power to rise above the situation. This card, following the Ten of Swords, speaks to me of an ability to let go and to judge all future relationships by that of the ones of the past. It takes so much more energy to hold a grudge than it does to let it go - and on top of it - nothing is ever gained by keeping bad feelings within us as they darken our hearts. 

The Five of Swords serves as a warning. The crow holds the swords of those it disregarded. In this bird's mind, it's a game of I'll take yours before you take mine and it will be damned if it loses. This is an emotionally horrible place to be and only keeps the cycle of hurt feelings and betrayal going - there is no break.

The Two of Swords represents the inability to make a choice due to a lack of vision or clearly seeing the facts.  When we suffer at the hands of others - when we are hurt by their actions as in the Ten of Swords can result in a distorted view of ourselves and the world around us. We allowed the other person to define us, to tell our story and because of that, we are blind to our own truth. 

If we allow our hearts to harden we risk losing those we love as well as any future loves. Our desire to keep our hearts safe may seem like the best action, but in the end, as the Five of Swords warns, the pain we feel from the lack of true connections is greater. 

If you find yourself hanging on to past hurts you risk staying there - stuck unable to move due to fear. You make all those future wonderful relationships pay for the crimes of the one who hurt you in the past.

Go to your heart chakra and open a path through meditation so that the scars around the wounds can heal. It is not through hardening our hearts that we get strong or resilient to pain it is through love and self-acceptance that we become immune to the bad deeds of others.  

Find your heart center and allow it to flourish and grow - a strong heart is not a hard one. 




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