Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday March 17th

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Crow Tarot

Good morning!

We enter this weekend with an energy of celebrating - although many in the US may be celebrating St. Patrick's Day - the celebration in this spread is one because of a personal accomplishment. 

The three crows gather to eat and drink in a garden rich with life and potential. They are there to celebrate a small victory - but a victory none-the-less. This marks a happy time, one where success has fueled the crows to keep pushing forward as they work towards creating something bigger.

I love this card because it is a reminder to get out and play, socialize, allow for time with friends. We work hard, and every single one of us needs a break now and then to just be merry, soak in the good stuff of life, and connect with other people.  

Over time and with a dedication to seeing the situation or project to completion - the crows discover The World and with the crow dancing in the center of the laurel wreath marks a victorious ending. The World represents a major milestone - one that did not come quickly nor at times easily, but the ending is sweet and worth celebrating. 

The World represents the end of a significant chapter of our lives, one that will set us up for future success as it is not the end, but rather a closure that enables us to move into another phase. 

The hanging crow takes a break, it needs time to contemplate its next move as there are many choices that are available. By taking this position, it sees the world from a different angle - the world hasn't changed, however how the crow sees it has - and it is with this new perspective the crow can make a wise decision. 

After the achieving success, the Hanged Man energy is one of taking a break and not rushing into the next project or phase. The message here is to look at your options from different angles and hold-off on making any major decisions. Take the time to bask in your current success as the next opportunity will come to you - try not to force it. 



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