Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Saturday March 3rd

Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Saturday March 3rd

Crow Tarot Spread

Good morning!

Well, well, well - we are being visited by royalty this morning! There is a good deal of powerful energy going on here, and with the King of Wands present the action is going to get good! 

The King of Wands is not a sit on the sidelines kind of bird - This charismatic creature is about getting in there, gathering the team, taking action and getting the job done. Oh and not just done to a satisfying end - done to the point where he can stand proud knowing that it is better than anyone could have imagined. 

To assist the King of Wands is the energy of the Queen of Swords. Her energy is that of a sharp intellect and no-nonsense diligence. When a task needs to be completed she does so without wasting time or energy on feelings - hers or the others around her. She is the crow that you want to have at the negotiating table as her vision for the future is clear and resistant to any "feeling" fog. 

The King of Swords enters and with him amplifies the need to remain clear-headed and without bias. He is a stern crow who takes on the task of ensuring that the fiery energy of the King of Wands stays on task and does not get too caught up in any emotions when it comes to taking the next steps. 

If you have started down a path and feel sheer power and determination to get the job done and not just done but rather to a level that will create a massive change in your life - it is the fast moving, growth creating the energy of the King of Wands. You are being supplied with all the passion and drive you will need to take the necessary steps to ensure success. This is the crow you want on your team, he is a doer and not a talker. Oh and problems? They are mere child's play to him. Allow this energy to come in and your project, idea, a situation will move quickly as doors to opportunities will open. 

Although I personally see the Queen of Swords and King of Swords as the buzzkills of the deck (they too seem to be coming up a lot up these days...) They bring a pragmatic approach and the warning to not let your emotions cloud your judgment. Their energy is there to make sure you do everything in a logical manner and without unnecessary risks. In many ways, they balance out the King of Wands and as a team, they create a partnership that is practically unstoppable. The King of Wands brings the creativity and the entrepreneur energy and the King and Queen of Swords are the legal team.  

If you are embarking on something new or are excited about an idea - the vibe I am getting here is one to not allow your creativity to cloud your judgment and try to see the situation with both a creative vision but also a practical one. Your idea may be awesome - but it may also require a good amount of legalities that need to be addressed. 

From a relationship perspective - the King of Wands may represent a new outgoing, charismatic partner who gets what he/she wants - and the royal swords are the parents who for the life of them can't see what it is you see in the King of Wands and want you to remove the "love" blinders. 

Happy Weekend!





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