Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Sunday Feb Mar 4

Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Sunday Feb Mar 4

Crow Tarot

Good Sunday Morning!

What a great amount of positive energy going on here! Not as stoic as yesterday's energy to say the least - although we do need to be serious at times I guess :-)

But not today as at the center of this spread is a card about celebrating! 

To get to the happy place in the garden, the crow had to go inward and make a very difficult decision. Stay where it is in life, maybe it was comfortable, maybe it had all of its needs met - except the feeling of fulfillment was lacking and it was an itch that was too strong to ignore. The crow examined its choices and although staying would be the easier route to take, it knew that it wasn't enough.

There were times, especially during difficulty or feeling insecure and uncomfortable that the crow regretted its decision - but it was one that could not be undone, not that the crow would go back. And thankfully the crow kept its focus on the blossoming future that was waiting for it because it led the crow to a beautiful place full of friends and celebrating. 

This stop in the garden is not a fleeting one, but instead, it has the potential to lead to an even better place, one where the crow finds true and solid success. 

The Six of Swords has been coming up quite a bit, there is a change in the air and with it fear. When we make the decision to move forward it is inevitable that something must be left behind and to add to the stress of change comes the unknown. The Six of Swords asks that we get out of our comfort-zone release the parts of us that are holding us back, and that may be something that we regret at some point, but in the end, the place we end up is far better for our us as it will be in alignment with our purpose. 

Being that the Four of Wands is front and center here - this is a sign of celebrating and enjoying the company of friends as a result of an accomplishment - perhaps a graduation, or new job offer. Whatever it is was that you left behind, regret will soon be a distant memory as you find yourself sipping champagne and toasting those who helped you reach success. 

Just to solidify the path and to give a little extra assurance (this is like a nice hug from the Universe) is the Six of Wands where you find yourself solidly perched in the victory circle.  This card is about finding your place where you are not only doing the thing you love but also being recognized for it. This card comes with only one warning - don't forget the why you are there at the top - it is not for the admiration of your peers, it is because of your purpose. 

It can be hard taking the first step to change - it is frightening and really it is the thing that holds back too many people. Too often we worry about the what ifs - what if I fail, what if I find it is too hard, what if my friends and family reject me because I am breaking away from their view of the "norm?" It is that primal fear of being alone or outcasted from those we love that too often prevent us from being the brilliant star we are meant to be! Could you imagine if Bill Gates's parents told him to stay in school and get a job in finance - tow the family line? Geez - I wouldn't be here writing this on my computer! I know in my heart that there is greatness is every single person on this planet - and although we all may not be Bill Gates - some of us make the best damn muffins I would cross the city for - some are super parents (looking at you Linda Littman) who are raising not only smart kids but kind ones too - whatever your thing is that you gravitate towards - do it to your best ability and don't regret for a minute being the best damn whatever it is that you do - because it will lead to celebrating and to victory!



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