Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Sunday March 11

Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Sunday March 11

Crow Tarot

Good morning,

Yesterday was all swords and today is all cups! I always find this interesting because my way of pulling the cards is very random. I shuffle then pull one from a random spot, shuffle again - pull again and so on. 

The message I get for this spread comes from the Knight of Cups - this energy is creative and loving. He brings a message of hope and the ability to move through past difficulties in order to experience a better life.

The crow of the Knight of Cups is a calming energy that heals the soul. He brings with him messages of hope that come from new ideas and perspectives. He is able to see the possibilities that others seem to overlook and offers them in a way that is approachable as well as realistic. 

This crow may appear in our lives as a person who has the ability to guide us through a difficult decision by offering a path forward. It may come as an opportunity that feeds your soul and helps you get back to who you are on a spiritual level. You will know when the Knight appears because you will feel a sense of peace and comfort wash over, even during a difficult period - your perspective will shift and there will be optimism where negativity once held reign. 

The Knight of Cups brings an opportunity to the Eight of Cups and through the guidance and assurance of the Knight's energy the crow dreams of a better future. There is a light rising over the mountains to symbolize new hope and a fresh start, one that is full of light and optimism. Although the crow of the Eight of Cups will need to leave behind all that it has accumulated to move forward, it knows that the charming knight will serve as a trusted companion along the way.

The Eight of Cups represents a decision that will need to be made, one that offers a new start, one that has the potential for a brighter future than the one being left behind. This may represent actually moving to a new place - or moving on from one idea to another that has the potential to blossom into something bigger. 

The crows of the Ten of Cups represents wishes fulfilled and a life of pure and utter bliss. The couple sits lovingly looking at each other as their lives are set in a picture of harmony. The young fledglings are peacefully resting in their nest while flowers blossom all around them. 

The Ten of Cups represents a transition as a result of the decision made by the Eight of Cups to move in a different direction. If there is any doubt about what the future will hold by making the leap into the unknown - this card offers the message that with the help of the Knight of Cups and the ability to leave it all behind by taking a leap of faith - the end result will be better than you could have imagined. 

If you have been feeling out of sorts, or there is that itch to move in a new direction - take some time to go inward. By finding a quiet place to meditate (or even just by going for a walk alone) you will send an invitation to the Knight of Cups and when he arrives he may bring the message you will be longing to hear. 




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