Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday May 27th

Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday May 27th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good Morning! 

Today's reading comes with a heads up! The time to kick it up a notch is coming and that steady pace of life you have grown accustomed to is about to get a jolt! It will be your ability to maintain balance that will keep you productive and more importantly sane.

The crow sits on the back of the slow moving and steady workhorse. This is a bird that can get a job done, as it takes a detailed, methodical approach to any task and will not quit until it is confident that the project has reached its full potential. 

The Knight of Pentacles reflects a nice even steady pace to life and in this position suggests a quiet life of routine and relative comfort. This may represent a childhood that was idyllic and without much drama - one that created a foundation for a mellow and disciplined personality when it comes to getting things done today. 

The crow carefully pours water from one cup to another without spilling a single drop. Although on the inside this bird is feeling stressed out as there is much work to be done - on the outside she is a cool as a cucumber and to anyone watching her - she is the epitome of calm and grace under pressure.

At the heart of today's reading is Temperance building a bridge between the past and the future as it moderates any feelings or emotions that tend to feel extreme. These feelings may reflect a need to stay on a rigid schedule or on the other hand that of being frantic as a result of a heavy workload.  The energy that comes through with the Temperance card is one of harmony and balance and it will help you release any stubbornness you may cling to in regards to a routine so that you can take on a new more intense project. In addition, you will have the ability to create a methodical process for managing all the tasks that will need to be completed for your project to be heralded a success without completely sacrificing much-needed downtime with friends.

The crow takes on the intense task of creating the pentacles - each one is a work of art and reflects the bird's dedication and skill. 

In the future position, the Eight of Pentacles reflects that a project you are working on is about to become a bit more intense than you originally thought when starting out. Perhaps that part-time job you took for some extra money will demand more hours than you had planned. It may be a summer art fair is now going to require you to create far more work than you had prepared to make in order to fill your booth. It may be one of your customers doubled their order - last minute. Thankfully - you have the mellowing energy of Temperance to help you focus on knocking off the tasks on your list with precision and drive - drawing out the best qualities of the Knight of Pentacles and the Eight of Pentacles so that you can take on the work in stride. 

"No person, no place, and no thing has any power over us, for 'we' are the only thinkers in our mind. When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives." ~ Louise Hay











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