Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday September 30th

Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday September 30th

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Good morning! 

Love is in the air - maybe you met someone last night who swept you off your feet, maybe you recently discovered that thing in life that brings you complete joy and have fallen in love with a hobby or career - regardless of how the feeling of love has entered your life there will come a time when you will need to get clear on what you want to come as a result of this new connection. 

The two crows hold the world in balance - however, at any time either crow can make a bold move and shift the wand - a decision that shifts the position of the world. This change can create a spark of inspiration or create friction depending on how the move is executed. 

The Two of Wands comes through this morning as a result of a bold move you made in the past. You had an idea, a creative spark and because you acted on it - the situation you are in today can be traced back to that period of your life. 

This may have been going against the advice of your family to pursue a different career path that one they had expected for you or get married to someone who you only knew for a short period of time. This change of direction created a dramatic shift in your life. 

The crow sips from a cup that is overflowing with fresh water. It is here that the bird feels connected with life and with the world around it. Little lotus blossoms float at the base of the cup signifying enlightenment and with the warm light from the rising sun the clouds that once concealed the sky slowly evaporate revealing another crow - a karmic connection. 

At the center of today's reading is the Ace of Cups bringing with it a new connection one that you will feel deeply connected to - all feels right in the world when you are engaging with this person or act of creating. Like a magnet, you will get a sensation as though there is something drawing you to this new relationship - and although your logical mind may try to resist your heart is powerless to the pull. 

The energy around the Ace of Cups is that of love and when you focus on how that feeling affects your actions and the gifts it brings into your life - the power that guides your decisions will lead you to make choices that produce the best outcome.

The Two crows are drawn together to feast on a single heart - this meeting is one that is karmic as they have traveled through time and several lives together. In this life, they come together to learn and although the attraction is strong - their path may not necessarily be the same as there are decisions that will need to be made that will have an impact on their growth, happiness, and life path. 

The Lovers amplifies the attraction however with it there are decisions to be made - although this person or new desire brings joy at the moment - what about the long-term? When you get clear on what it is you want exactly in a mate or in an occupation that is when you will know for certain if this connection is one that runs deep. As they say, people enter for a reason, a season and some for a lifetime. This is an opportunity to get clear on which one you have encountered. 

You took a chance and shook up your life and now there is a new love entering - the vibe I get here is to take your time, get clear on what you truly desire because once you can create that vision in your mind you can create the intention to attract it - there is love energy supporting you and if this person or hobby doesn't check all the boxes then leave the door open for one that will -you have the power to make that connection. 

"True love doesn't come to you it has to be inside you." ~ Julia Roberts




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