Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Thursday March 15th

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Crow Tarot

Good morning!

The first thing that pops into my head with these three cards is that it is better to pick your battles wisely and stay in grace if you want to come out ahead.

At the center of this spread is the Five of Swords - there is a combative energy around the bird holding the swords and mostly that is of its own making. The crow is argumentative, defensive, and all around disagreeable. If you tell this bird that the sky is blue it will argue that its grey. The two crows that are flying away do so because they know it's not worth getting into a battle as its pointless and a big time waster.

It is through inner-strength and the ability to determine which battles will, in the end, provide the best outcome that will assist us in managing relationships with people who possess the low vibration Five of Swords energy. 

The crow of the Strength card has learned to tame its own inner-beast the part of itself that would have jumped in to fight the crow of Five of Swords just to prove it could. The message this card brings is to rely on your inner- personal Strength as inner-peace and grace will enable you to rise above the drama and remain in a positive place. 

The King of Swords supports the crow of Strength by offering a sharp logical mind and the ability to quickly determine which battles are best left alone and which ones are worth fighting for - as it has a clear vision of every possible scenario. The King of Swords is a master negotiator and if it is determined that the outcome outweighs the risk of battle then you will find his energy is to your advantage. 

The story I get here is one of a toxic person who is the ultimate energy vampire - you know who I am talking about - they are the ones that bring you down instead of lift you up. These are the people who at times seem to only offer conflict and disagreement to a situation. The reality here is that these people aren't going away - for some they are family members that can't be avoided.

But how we manage them and what we allow them to take from us is in our control.

I read a book on Shamanic teachings that gave this wonderful analogy: When we see those people who are difficult or who challenge us as "characters" in the play that is our life - they are there to play an important role - as the antagonist. It is their contribution that adds something valuable to our story as they help develop our character. 

I have personally found that by taking on this approach with difficult people in my own life, I am able to see that person through a different lens and as a result how they treat or talk to me does not affect my spirit - their energy simply stays on the surface. 

By using the energy of the Strength card we give ourselves a protective shield of grace and courage. By connecting with the King of Swords you will have the ability to recognize which battles are worth fighting for and which ones will only lead to a path of frustration and loss of friendship. As I told my 8-year old daughter - sometimes it better to be a friend than to be right.

The big take away here is don't let the haters bring you down! Don't let the negative energy get through your protective shield because really - what benefit does it serve? In the end, you don't feel good - right? And if the battle leaves that twang in your gut, you know that feeling that you did something wrong or aren't doing the best thing for the situation - what's the point? Nothing good comes from this place - we don't create or move in a positive direction with this feeling and therefore it doesn't serve us or our help us reach our full potential.

Save your strength for the battles that do matter, that do promote true progress! You will know when the time is right to speak truth to power because it will come from a place of grace and not one-up-manship. 

Now through on that big necklace of grace garlic and ward off those energy vampires!





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