Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Thursday March 8th

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Crow Tarot

Good morning! 

A decision has been made and a new path afoot! Today's spread provides the important tools needed to ensure the journey is a success.

Playing off of yesterday's reading...the Two of Wands has been making the rounds a bit these days. There is a change in the air as Spring approaches and with the warmer weather the itch to get out and do more things which naturally may lead to more opportunities. The crows sit on a blossoming branch symbolizing a beginning and new opportunity. Balanced with intention created by a focused concentration - they hold up the world and with it the infinite possibilities it contains. 

Once a decision has been made to not stay stagnant, to take a risk and move out of their comfort zone, the crows will encounter the Page of Pentacles. This bird is all about focus and creating a clear vision of the path to success. The crow stares intently at the pentacle that hangs from a flowering garland representing abundance. It analyzes every last detail so that even when its eyes are closed it has a clear vision of what the pentacle looks like, what it feels like - and with this skill, it can replicate that pentacle many times over.

Once the Page of Pentacles is able to recreate the pentacle, to ensure that it stays on task and has the drive to keep going, along with the work ethic - the Knight of Pentacles arrives to handle the heavy lifting of actually doing the work. This bird is slow moving but always moves forward. It is methodical in nature and creates not a fleeting success but one that is sewn deep into the fertile ground. It is through the hard work and dedication of the Knight that the Page's vision will become a solid reality. 

Once you make the decision to step away from your comfort zone to take a chance on an idea or discover a new path, as the Two of Wands points to the potential for creating something that is better than you could expect - the key to creating this thing is the Page of Pentacles. This card is the law of attraction card and carries the power to manifest dreams into reality.

The key message the Page has to offer you is to get really clear on what it is that you want to create. You don't just want a better relationship - you want to feel valued and be with someone who takes an interest in the things you enjoy, for example. You don't just want money, you want to feel secure and have the freedom to go on vacation now and then. When you are able to clearly see that thing that you want to create to the point that you can feel what it will feel like - that is how you know that the energy of the Page of Pentacles is working with you. Think of it this way - you wouldn't just walk up to the sandwich counter as ask for a sandwich - you may get back something you don't like - "What there's meat on this - ew - I am vegetarian!" When we are specific about what we want - then we have the power to create it. "I'll have the cheese sandwich, extra lettuce and tomatoes please - hold the mayo. - oh and throw in a cookie too!" 

Now it is all well and good to be able to visualize and feel this thing that you want to create - but nobody rides for free and you will need to do the work to get this thing off the ground - or out of your head and into reality. This is where the Knight of Pentacles comes in. This crow is strong, dedicated and has the perseverance of well - a workhorse. It may not be fast moving like the Knight of Swords - but this Knight will ensure that the job is done well, and is firmly created. The energy here asks that now that you can see this thing you want to create - take the time to develop it in a way that creates a solid foundation and where it is deeply planted so that this idea or situation and create strong roots. 

A good way to practice developing your inner Page of Pentacles is to take a little time to write down all the things that will be the result of the thing you want to create - whether that be a relationship, or a new career, a place to live....etc. try and capture how it will make you feel. 



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