Second Printing of the Grimalkin Tarot is Coming Soon!
Second Printing of the Grimalkin Tarot is Coming Soon!
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Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday Nov 1st

Daily Crow Tarot Readings

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning!

I hope everyone had a fun night - I know my daughter crashed hard last night as a result of exhaustion and the sugar rush wearing off! 

Today I am using the US Games Systems edition of the Crow Tarot!  They did an amazing job printing this deck and I am just beyond thrilled with it! For those interested in ordering the Crow Tarot - it's up on their site for preorder. 

When you find clarity the passions of the past take on a different perspective and will lead to a transition that has you moving in a totally different direction. 

The proud bird stands on top of all of its treasures. To the outside observer, this crow is one of the lucky ones - the Universe shined down and showered the bird with everything it desired and then some. All of its wishes were granted. However, in reality, although luck was on its side - it was the effort and actions the bird put into its dream that in the end was responsible for its success - one that surpassed the crow's wildest imagination and in some ways left it a bit startled.

The Nine of Cups comes through this morning as the foundation for your current situation. You had a dream or a goal and because of the work and dedication you put into this idea, you were successful, in fact, it may have been even more successful than you had imagined and left you feeling a bit overwhelmed. 

There is a maturity that comes as a result of the Nine of Cups in the past position. It puts your dreams and goals in perspective.  Perhaps you worked hard to obtain your dream job with the life-changing salary and opportunities only to discover that it required 60+ hours a week, travel, and little time to spend with our family and friends. What you valued prior to receiving your "wish" and worked hard to obtain changed as a result of getting it. 

Because of this experience - you see life a bit differently today.

It is a strong and self-confident crow that can hold its position on the throne. With a clear sharp vision and the ability to hold its own, the crow has earned the respect of all those in its territory. He brings stability where there was once chaos and because of this those who wish to enter his area and challenge his authority will find themselves regretting their decision. 

You will find the energy of the mentor in the King of Swords. At the heart of today's reading is a need for a clear vision for the future and decisions made from a place of logic and less from emotion.

When you seek help from someone who understands your challenges - someone who has successfully navigated their way through a similar situation and found success on the other side - any feelings of overwhelm will be replaced by confidence. You will gain a clear vision for what is expected of you an how best to proceed. Any decisions you make will be done as a result of clearly seeing your situation as a whole - as it is in reality. 

OR - because you do now have the gift of perspective - you have a clear vision of what it takes to not only achieve a goal but what life is like after - you may be the source of knowledge for someone else as they begin their journey. 

By transitioning into the role of a leader - you will be a source of knowledge as you are able to clearly map out a path for others that provides the benefit of being aware of any pitfalls or obstacles as well as any opportunities along the way.

The charismatic crow and horse arrive on the scene bringing with them an energy of fun and creativity. This pair has a way of making all those around them feel special. 

Bringing in the complete opposite energy to your current situation is the Knight of Cups and because of this pull to add emotion to your situation, you may feel some friction or unsettledness as a result. That being said - where there is friction sparks can occur and you may just develop a new passion - one that has you feeling comfortable in a leadership role. It may be that you fall head-over-heels for your mentor or discover that your mentor ignites a new idea one that you become passionate about pursuing. 

The Nine of Cups not only brought a wish into fulfillment - but it also gave you the gift of perspective one that will prove to be valuable as you become clear on what brings you joy - what you are passionate about in the future. 

"The only thing you sometimes have control over is perspective. You don't have control over your situation. But you have a choice about how you view it." ~ Chris Pine

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