Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Tuesday Feb 27

Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Tuesday Feb 27

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Good morning and happy Tuesday!

The message today seems to be to listen to your gut if you want to see a positive change!

The crow at the center of the Seven of Cups has many options, some are real some are mere wishes, fantastic ideas of what could be. The problem for this bird is that because there are many different directions to go in and so many things it wants to possess, it can't figure out what step to take first and is stuck in the limiting pattern of desire, inaction, desire... The other problem is that even if it did hunker down and decide on a direction to go in, the crow can't tell fact from fantasy and in the end - its choice may prove foolhardy. Thus keeping this crow in a state of existing and not really living.

The get some motion happening and to move the Wheel of Fortune to a place that well leaves the crow feeling fortunate it needs to pay attention to the High Priestess - who is a callin' - Or perhaps a cawin' 

The crow needs to get its head out of the clouds and pay attention because the High Priestess is trying to help! She drops little hints, here and there, whispers in its ear, leaves signs, some more obvious than others on the side of walls - all in an attempt to direct its attention the cup that will best serve its needs and move the wheel. 

This spread asks that you pay attention to the signs that are being dropped in your lap by the High-Priestess. She isn't going to get in your face and peck at your head, at least not normally - instead, this clever, often at times - funny bird will throw a book in your path - sometimes literally tripping you. She is the voice in your head that tells you to not skip that party, even though you are exhausted because she knows that your soul mate will be there...waiting for you. She may pay a visit to your dreams, filling your head with ideas and solutions. 

When you notice that feeling or see that word repeated over and over - stop and think. What are your thoughts in that moment and are they helping or hurting you?

The Wheel of Fortune is aching to just needs that little push, and once the momentum happens that is when it will fall into a lovely, joyous place!




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