Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday November 13th

Crow Tarot

Good morning! 

Well, the Five of Swords has come up again and in the same position as yesterday - what are the odds? 1 in 78 in regards to this position. I take a good amount of time each morning to connect with the deck, shuffling using two different techniques and then finally running my hand over the deck pulling each card where I feel drawn and having the same card come through two days in a row as well as in the exact same position tells me that there is an issue here that needs to be addressed. The cards that follow bring strength and determination - this tells me that the blockage is one that can be overcome - it's not here to hold us back but rather to teach us a valuable lesson so that something very positive can come from it. 

 The crow stands triumphantly however it does so alone. This victory is one that the crow fought for without much consideration and at the expense of those around him - because of this the bird could not experience the true feeling that comes from success as it was stained and muddied by the negative emotions of those it trampled over. 

Having the Five of Swords appear again as the foundation may denote that the energy is still at play and affecting your current situation - it hasn't moved on completely or that you or someone else is holding on to ill-feelings regarding this period. 

If you are feeling guilty that your life is better because of a selfish act in the past you may be experiencing a time of stagnation or maybe unconsciously blocking a new phase where you will find more success. 

The person who felt as though they got the short end of the stick may be sending you negative energy darts and although subtle they could be affecting how you proceed or how you approach opportunities available to you.

The Five of Swords brings the message to examine your actions in the past and either reconcile with those who feel harmed by your actions or if your actions were out of self-preservation to allow yourself to feel forgiveness for all those involved - including yourself. The past is the past and there is no amount of guilt you can feel that will change the outcome - however, a sincere apology can go a long way and depending on your relationship with those involved at this moment in time it may be what is needed to move forward. 

If you feel that there is nothing to gain from apologizing or a need to do so - yet you still feel connected to this period in your life you may want to consider doing a meditation to cut the energy cord in order to release the hold this event has on your life.

The crow that stands on the workhorse is slow and methodical in its actions. It moves at a steady pace and although it will eventually get a job done because of how long it takes there is usually little in the way of fanfare as the path to success becomes just a way of life. 

With the Knight of Pentacles in the present position there is a steadiness to life - perhaps a rut is forming as the days bleed into one another without much excitement. 

Although there is something to be said for being in a comfortable place and having a steady routine that brings a feeling of security - along with that though is the risk of becoming jaded, taking for granted or being resentful of those around you. 

With the Five of Swords setting up this period - you may want to ask yourself if something is holding you back - are you worried about being perceived as being selfish? 

If you have been putting your needs on the backburner or have put off taking a class that would inspire you or taking up a new hobby that may require you to pull some of your family resources or your time - when you go after an interest and break free from feeling selfish that is when you will notice the rut disappear. 

The strong, healthy regal bird holds her position perched on a wand that straddles two lions. She is not brutish or demanding however she is in control and is able to hold her own using her charisma and wit. With her glistening feathers, this bird radiates - she possesses an energy that lights up any space she enters. 

With the Queen of Wands bringing support to your current situation when you take action and go after something you desire you will find success comes naturally - the connection will be easy.

The energy that comes with the Queen of Wands is that of determination and grace - it is an energy the resolves conflict and eases friction because of this you will gain inner-strength and confidence - and as a result, like a beacon of light, you will attract more opportunities for success. 

When you allow yourself to move beyond the past and take hold of the future - not just go through the motions with the Queen of Wands supporting the Knight of Pentacles not only will you find something new that you are passionate about it will prove to be a source for financial gains as well.

"People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar." ~Thich Nhat Hanh


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  • Ali

    I am just discovering your deck through these readings. I am so moved by the imagery I can barely wait to get my own. Your readings have a very special depth to them that resonate with my understanding. Thank you for going deep into the psyche of us all. This reading, these to days of readings are, “wow”, tailor made for my journey right now. I am very excited about following your future work. Crows Rule!

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