Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday Aug 29th

Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday Aug 29th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning,

The time you spent learning and developing your skills helped you keep your focus on the bigger picture - you had a goal in sight. The energy that was created as a result of your intention opened the door for an opportunity - one that is worth celebrating - but don't party too hard because you manifested something bigger than what you could have possibly imagined and you will need to stay on top of your game. 

The young crow was determined to get the ripest cherries - however, they were too high off the ground to simply reach up and they were too low with thin little branches to reach by flying. Not to be deterred - the crow found an older and wiser bird who has already solved this problem and was willing to teach the young bird how to reach its desired goal. 

With the Three of Pentacles in the past position, you took the time to research how best to proceed and found suitable teachers to help you reach your goal. Perhaps you went back to school to learn a new skill or sought out someone who would take you on as an apprentice. It was because of your unwavering focus on developing the abilities needed for success that you find yourself moving in a direction that feels right. It was by taking the steps to grow that you opened the door for more future opportunities to enter. 

The crows gather in the abundant garden to celebrate the success of a dear friend. With spring flowers blooming - there is an energy in the air that supports fresh starts and new beginnings and this will certainly not be the last celebration for these birds.

At the heart of today's reading is a celebratory energy. Can you feel the electricity in the air? Take the time to bask in it and allow this energy to recharge your spirit as it will help you generate a higher vibration and with that - you invite more opportunities that will help you progress into your life.

You worked hard to get to this point - and with the Three of Pentacles as the foundation for the Three of Cups it is your effort and determination that will be worth celebrating. 

The crow carefully uses its beak to sculpt another pentacle. This bird has become a master as a result of its determination to create each coin better than the last. It will be useful for the Crow to have its skills dialed in and sharp as the project will be easier to accomplish and fewer mistakes made that could pose as obstacles will get in the way. 

The Eight of Pentacles in the future position indicates that a big project or a situation that is going to require a good deal of time and talent/skill is building in the wings. The floodgates have opened and you didn't just manifest a little step up - you created an elevator to the top. The only hitch is that it is going to require you to devote your time and focus on completing the task in order to reap the benefits. This isn't going to be one of those - "oh I'll fit in when I can" -  kind of things. If you want to take that big leap forward - this opportunity will do that - however, you will need to make time to do the work. This will be a time for action, not excuses. 

With the Three of Pentacles and the Eight of Pentacles together supporting the Three of Cups there is an energy of doing something that you love - something that you have been trained to do and really seeing it come to fruition. The energy around this is very positive with there being a reason to celebrate. If you put the work in - put your nose to the grindstone (I am saying this to myself right now as well!) then really you can accomplish anything and create more opportunities in your life worth celebrating.

"Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit." ~ Napoleon Hill







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