Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Wednesday March 14th

Crow Tarot

Good morning and Happy Pi Day!

As I am sitting here writing this - I was struck by a huge wave of gratitude. A few years ago I dreamed of this day, of creating something that connected with people that also allowed me the freedom to work from anywhere and here I am doing what I love! Anyway - I just wanted to let you know that I am very thankful to be here! 

The Crow of the Eight of Pentacles diligently works on creating another masterpiece. He has taken the time to study techniques, learned from masters, and is determined to offer the best pentacle he can create. This bird is ready to take his skills to the next level! 

Just as the crow was getting comfortable in his role as Pentacle Maker his world is shaken and crashes down around him. When The Tower exploded it not only destroyed the crow's home and security - it shook his personal foundation as he, for the moment at least, must put his new path on hold so that he can rebuild.

The Star shines its bright light on the situation and washes away any feelings of negativity that may prevent the crow from moving forward. By presenting the challenges that came with the Tower as an opportunity for positive changes to occur - the Star is there as an assurance that although at the time all may seem to be lost, it is only because of this dramatic shift will a better experience find the space to manifest.

Have you ever started down a path that you were excited about only to have something that seems totally unrelated derail your progress? It's like the new store owner who worked so hard to fill the shop, create a lovely place for customers and on the day before the shop opens - there is a building fire and everything is lost. Or that new course that you are excited about and is about to start, was canceled last minute. The combo of the Eight of Pentacles and Tower speak of an event that is beyond your control that sets back your current path. Sometimes I see these events as the Universe testing us - sometimes I see this an opportunity at a second chance to make the situation better than before. The key here is to not let the Tower bury you in the rubble. If it is your dream to open a shop - no fire will stop that. If the course that you want to take is canceled - if it is your true desire to learn you will find an alternative. 

The Star here today is a message that when the dust clears, you will find that you are in far better and more positive place. The Star's energy is one of hope and renewal as it is blessing your journey. The Tower may have created the detour you needed to discover a better more successful path and the Star is there lighting the way. 

The Star asks that you roll with the punches and focus on the positive aspects of the situation - even if they may seem few and far between, by pulling more positive energy into the situation you will create more of the same. When we are in a negative place and in stressful times it is easy to go there -it is hard to see anything positive at the time. The thing is - getting into a positive headspace is essential for digging out and rebuilding. Have you ever seen someone who is moping around and self-defeated build anything? Having the ability to direct attention to the pockets of beauty at any time will help speed up the construction process. 

If you find it hard to naturally direct your attention to the positive things and just drift like a loose sailboat towards an island of negativity viewing the world and everything in it as horrible - start building this skill with small acts of purposeful positivity. You will find it to be a valuable asset for if you ever experience the power of the Tower.

For example, you missed your bus and are now late for work. The negative spiral looks like this: Ugh the next bus is in 15 minutes, my boss is going to angry, it's too cold or too hot, why is that person talking so loudly, ugh the bus is going to be packed, the bus driver is probably going to be slow...

OR by accepting the fact that no amount of internal complaining is going to make any difference we can take the time to enjoy some little things we miss because we are rushing around. Like a new podcast, an extra chapter of a book, calling a friend we haven't connected with in a long time, or simply being grateful the things that are going well. 

The Star is here to help us wash away the negativity so that our lives can be filled with more positive experiences and when we allow this energy in more opportunities for success will be illuminated.





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