Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Wednesday March 7th

Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Wednesday March 7th

Crow Tarot

Good morning,

This spread comes together to give us all we need to know to find success in whatever endeavor we embark upon.

At the center of this spread is the Two of Wands. The birds sit on a blossoming branch that symbolizes a fresh start and new beginnings. The birds have a decision to make - stay where they are or take a chance on a bigger, brighter future. They hold in their wands the world and it is here with balance and pure focused intent that their future offers infinite possibilities. 

Supporting the birds to the left is the Queen of Cups - she is loving intuitive old crow who offers the emotional support needed to manage any time of difficulty the birds of the Two of Wands may face. She is a trusted advisor, shoulder to cry on, problem-solver, and all around caring energy. She has the ability to sense when things aren't flowing right and will offer ideas that best help the birds as her motives are pure and she looks to gain nothing from their decision.

To the right of the two birds is the highly energetic Page of Swords. This bird swoops in full of enthusiasm and a desire to get the party started. This youthful energy brings with it an insatiable curiosity as it wants to know everything there is to know about this "new direction" the Two of Wands is deciding on and will research till it finds all the answers to satisfy its needs. It is the Page of Swords that get the birds up and moving in the morning, without hesitation or hitting the snooze button. The Page is focused on ensuring that the only direction the two birds moves in is forward and supplies them with more than enough passion and desire to stay on course. 

Having a support network is important, especially when we decide to make a major life change. We need to have others around us who pick us up and keep us motivated. No journey is completely smooth and knowing that during the slow times or times of self-doubt we have people there to offer ideas, or even just a little reassurance is critical to getting over the hurdles - big and small.

The vital presence of the Queen of Cups in our lives helps us stay emotionally sane during times of difficulty and it is her strength that will be needed at some point in all of our lives. She is the creative thinker and problem-solver. She may be a mentor, advisor, parent, best friend, or support group. Where ever and how ever she comes into your life, appreciate her for the power she offers as she will help you navigate your way during your new quest. I personally believe you can't have too many Queen of Cups in your life! To cultivate this energy for a particular situation look at groups of like-minded people or surround yourself with the energy that will support your new path.

On the other side is the Page of Swords and it's sharp fast-moving energy. It is this energy that will get you up and out of bed in the morning ready to take on the tasks that come with your new path. For success, you must create forward momentum and this energy has all you need to get the ball rolling. Not only does the Page supply the physical energy, it provides the curiosity needed to learn all you will need to learn to make sure that each decision on the way is made with all the information needed to make the best choices. 

If you aren't curious or excited about the new direction enough to do your research - chances are you will not find success. The key here is to let this energy flow to you instead of forcing it. You will know if the Page of Swords is with you - this bird will let you know! When making a big decision or discover a new path you will feel it - it will feel like an electric surge running through your body, firing you up mentally and physically and along with it, you will find that have an appetite to devour all information that pertains to this new direction or situation. This quick moving bird is all about action and if you don't grab hold - it will move on. Listen to this energy because this is a sign that you are on the right track.

To summarize: Listen to your gut, make bold decisions, and FLY!





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Thank you Autumn Rose! I am glad that the readings have been helpful – stay positive!
Also – thank you for letting me know – it means a lot to me to know that they are connecting with people :-)


These readings have been dead on for a few weeks for me! It’s incredible! I’ve been journaling about them— and the motivation is so important and appreciated! Signs I’m “hearing “ the right messages; riding the right waves!

Autumn Rose

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