Three Card Crow Tarot Spread for Monday March 5th

Three Card Crow Tarot Spread for Monday March 5th

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Good Monday Morning!

For all of us who wake up on Monday morning with much on our minds and the feeling of being pulled in many directions (some more appealing than others) this spread brings the advice to not rush into that morning routine, but instead take some time to go inward and evaluate your priorities.

The crow of the Seven of Cups rises to a world of possibilities. She has created many options to appear before her such as new job, a new home, to a new love - each one sparks her imagination and her mind begins to allow all the possibilities to muddle her mind. Although some of these opportunities have a real potential to play out just as she imagines - the problem arrives when she can separate the choices that have a solid foundation from those of fabulous fantasy. Because of this, she is unable to decide on a direction to pursue first - and has become stuck.  

At the center of this spread is the energy of the Hermit as this card bridges the gap between fantasy and new promising beginning. The Hermit crow is wise and shines a light on areas within itself that need spiritual healing. Although the fantasies of the Seven of Cups are fun dreams, it is from the position of the Hermit where she will discover the areas of life that best serve her higher-purpose. By taking the time to retreat inward, the crow can examine each possibility and weigh up whether or not it will feed her soul or just her stomach. It is from this place of inner nurturing that the crow will discover what is really most important to her and as a result, she, in turn, will be able to pass the lantern forward - helping others find their path. 

After her time reflecting, the crow arrives on the dock of the Three of Wands. The night sky is illuminated by a star, shining a way to a new city and with it a new beginning for the crow. It is here that she will move ahead leaving fantasy behind and move on to a better reality. Her time soul-searching and self-discovery brought her to this transformative path and unlike the muddled fantasy of the Seven of Cups, she can now clearly see the possibilities offered by a fresh start, one that aligns with her soul-purpose. 

This spread calls out to take the time to go below the surface and look at the areas of your life that are serving your needs and those that are not. Sometimes having too many options can weigh us down, or prevent us from truly seeing the best path forward. We can get distracted by the possibilities created by our wants and wishes. 

When we are in a state of "wanting" something that brings up the low vibrational energy of lack - we don't have what we want and therefore we aren't in a place of contentment. The Hermit energy brings us to that place of contentment so that we remove the blocks created by our desire for something that we don't have. 

It can be hard to find that balanced place of going after a dream without feeling the "want" but with the Hermit energy, you will find it is easier. By allowing ourselves to examine what it is exactly we want, for example, if it is more money - perhaps the real thing that is needed is the feeling of freedom or security. By tapping into that emotion we can then meditate on ways to develop the underlying energy and feelings that the desired thing creates. 

When we get into that space of feeling the freedom or the security - it becomes less about the money and more about creating more of that feeling. When that happens then the doors of opportunity will open. 

The Hermit is here asking that you do some soul-searching - once you do the inner-work it will shine a light on the right path. 




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