Three Card Crow Tarot Spread for  Saturday Feb 24

Three Card Crow Tarot Spread for Saturday Feb 24

Crow Tarot Spread

Good morning! 

Now is the time to create that magical feeling!  

The young fledgling crow stood on a log as it traveled down the river. It didn't know or care where it was going, only that with every turn something new came into view. Without judgment, it just glided along taking in all the sights. The world was a blank slate and with no expectations, the crow relied on faith that the river will lead to a place of contentment.

That was until the Seven of Cups appeared and offered the crow many choices, each one filling its head with fantastic ideas and outcomes. The fledgling found itself stuck by indecision and unable to choose the best path as each one projected an enticing illusion. The crow could not separate the cups that offered a real future and those that offered it little more than a fantasy.

The Magician appears bringing with it the power of creativity and action. Pulling together the powers of the elements, the Magician is able to take the dreams and illusions of the Seven of Cups and manifest a single goal, drawing upon the positive elements each cup holds. By combining the cups into a single vision the Magician is able to create the energy needed for the fledgling to move forward in creating a well-rounded vibrant life from what was originally only scattered fantasies. 

At the center of this spread is the Seven of Cups and with it all the opportunities and sometimes "perceived" opportunities that come from being open-minded and unrestricted on our path. One of the benefits of going with the flow and withholding judgment is that we allow ourselves to be open to more experiences and with that more paths. On the flipside, having the ability to ascertain which direction will best serve us can be daunting as it is easy to fall into the trap of fantasy.

The Magician arrives here as a message or indicator that you have the power to transform the fantasy into reality - but it is going to take magic and that requires the ability to keenly focus and concentrate on a single goal - even if that goal is a combination of several elements.

The Magician in this spread brings the power of gathering all of our wild thoughts and fantasies and transforming them into a single vision - so it is not just about manifesting financial abundance, it's also about creating a well-rounded life that comes with it and developing what that "feels" like.

For example, what does it feel like to be financially secure? Perhaps its the freedom to spend more quality time with friends and family. Maybe it includes being able to get healthy. When we have the ability to not just name or fantasize about something but rather feel what it will be like when our dream is manifested - as a whole and all the things that come with it, that is where the focus of the Magician creates the magic. 

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