Three Card Crow Tarot Spread for Tuesday Feb 13th

crow tarot spread

Good morning! 

Well, there was a shake-up! BUT it leads to victory! 

The crow had found a safe and secure home until that is - it was thrust into the air by a bolt of lightning that ripped apart the tower.  For the victorious crow at the center of the laurel wreath, the tower was the cosmic kick in the butt it needed. Instead of wallowing in despair over its loss, or having a personal pity party, it redirected the energy and focused on rebuilding and starting new. The crow worked hard and remained positive every step of the way, but getting to the top required more. The crow had to look inward at its own personal beliefs and what success really means. There were choices to be made and only by allowing its heart to hold the moral compass did the crow find the path success.

Change is something that scares a good amount of people, that's probably why there are so many books devoted to accepting it... I have found whenever I know deep down that somethings got to give, but I procrastinate to making the shift, even if it's a mental shift, the Universe becomes impatient and forces the shift upon me.

A dramatic shift can serve as a good reminder to take the time to center and ground ourselves. Victory is always there, it's always a possibility, however, it might require the ability to clearly define what it is we REALLY want and does it align with our belief system.  If your idea of success is a penthouse on Central Park but your personal belief system is the only way you will make enough money is by winning the lottery, chances are you will never experience that level of success. This spread asks that we look at our beliefs, and move them into alignment with our dreams - by doing so we will find victory! 




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