Three Card Crow Tarot Spread - Monday Feb 19th

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crow tarot spread

Good morning! 

It's a cold one here in Seattle! 

The vibe I am getting from this spread is one of moving into a place of purpose.

The Crow of the Seven of Cups has a lot of going on in its mind. There are fantastic ideas, some that will lead to a successful end others let's just say are best kept as fantasies. The problem comes when the crow can't seem to focus on the cup that will best serve its needs help it along its karmic path. Thankfully the Knight of Wands comes in to get the process moving. The Knight, however, may be full of energy, but doesn't have the ability nor the care to see too far into the future and may end up rushing toward's a dead end. He is important in getting the Seven of Cups into action. To help ensure that the energy of the Knight is moving in a direction of purpose Judgement arrives. Judgement allows the crow to move away from past heartbreaks and failures that were not in alignment with its true life purpose, freeing the crow to swiftly fly to a place of renewal. 

If you are feeling stuck, or there are so many choices that you become blinded by the fantasy each "cup" offers, deciding which path to take can be daunting. Sometimes having too many choices can hold back progress, especially if some of them are enticing, yet totally unrealistic at the moment or not well thought out. The Knight of Wands will arrive and move that epiphany into a place of action and transformation. This is the energy that will set everything in motion - and it will be swift as the Knight does not slow down.

Being that Judgement follows the Knight here, the "epiphany" is not just a mere whim or light thought, it is one that will move you into alignment with your destiny and purpose. It is important that time is spent reflecting on how to how best to serve this energy as it will be moving fast. Listen to your gut as intuition will help pull the pieces together so that a clear picture of where you are meant to be will appear.  



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  • Had to have these as soon as I saw them…even happier that I see you are in Seattle too.

    Julie on

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