Three Card Crow Tarot Spread - Thursday Feb 22

Crow Tarot spread

Good morning 

This energy I am getting from this spread is one of pulling together determination and grace to achieve a place of abundance. 

The crows aspire to find the perfect garden like the one of the Ten of Pentacles. It is their heart's desire to find a place full of food and shelter; the basic needs of survival and more. These crows wish to find Utopia. To fuel their progress in achieving this idyllic place in life the crows seek out the energy of the Page of  Swords. She brings an energy that can power through any situation. She is eager, curious, and determined to transform every endeavor into a positive and successful one. Although her youthful energy serves to keep the momentum moving at lightning speed, she is still a bit naive and because of this immaturity, she risks becoming too obsessed or annoying. To help mellow out the energy of the Page comes Strength. This is the crow that will help tame the raw energy of the Page by creating an inner balance that transmits an energy out into the universe that communicates an attitude of patience that comes from knowing their utopia is there for them when the time is right. 

In order to create that perfect place, relationship, a situation as represented by the Ten of Pentacles, we need to pull together the combined energy of the Page of Swords and Strength. On their own, they bring valuable skills that will assist, but when combined they create an energy that is life-changing.

The drive and sharp mind of the Page of Swords is one that will breathe life into the dream and get the momentum going. It is this energy that drives you to find solutions and resources that help further your plans. And with the "at times" too enthusiastic Page, you risk annoying your friends and supporters who have to listen to you go on and on about nothing else except your new life plan.

Thankfully to balance out this energy is Strength.

With the fast-moving energy of the Page, along with the risk of becoming obsessed, there is the manifestation-killer that poses as frustration as a result of things not happening as quickly expected. Strength brings the much-needed patience and courage to the situation  - two things you are going to need for the long haul to that magical place of Utopia! 





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