Three Card Crow Tarot Spread Thursday Feb 8th

Three Card Crow Tarot Spread Thursday Feb 8th

crow tarot spread

Good morning! 

Whereas yesterday's advice was to daydream and allow creativity to flourish, today's spread swings the pendulum back to place of being grounded and logical.

The crow of Justice arrived during a time when a clear, logical, and unbiased energy was needed to help progress a situation to a favorable direction. This energy allowed her to remove emotion from a decision and focus purely on the facts. As a result, she is able to see the infinite possibilities of the Two of Pentacles however she will need to learn how to balance her wants and needs, ensuring that she is not sacrificing one for the other. The energy of the Four of Swords is one of calm and rest. After successfully resolving a  few obstacles and the end of a difficult time can now come into focus, in order to have the strength to manage the final step required it is necessary - to lean into a time of quiet contemplation. 

The vibe I get with this spread is one where you were able to prevail as a result of a fair decision, whether it was being promoted or getting a new job. Whatever it was, it came to you because you worked hard and earned it - there was no favoritism. This new role may have come with a nice salary and tons of perks, however it required more time away from home, and because of this there was a demand for you to be able to juggle both. The Four of Swords brings two messages here, the first is you have accomplished much and have learned that you have the ability to succeed. The second is you need to take the time to rest. By recharging your battery you will find that you are able to create something better than work/life balance - because who wants balance if during both times you and those around you are miserable? By taking time for yourself you will discover something far better - you will find ways to create work/life harmony.  When you are in harmony, the time you devote is one of quality and not quantity. 



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