Three Card Crow Tarot Spread - Thursday March 22nd

Three Card Crow Tarot Spread - Thursday March 22nd

Crow Tarot

Good morning!

Hmmm can't seem to shake that Four of Cups feeling - well thankfully the Chariot and the Queen of Wands are here to push that energy out - however with the Queen here I feel like I should replace my morning croissant with a bowl of oatmeal. 

The crow of the Four of Cups is in a state of apathy - all it can focus on is itself and how lousy it feels. Unfortunately, this funk is strong and the crow can't seem to snap out of it and as a result opportunities to see the beauty in life are passing it by.  There is such a woe is me vibe going on here that this bird is hosting the epic pity party. 

This card represents a time when we focus solely on what is going wrong in our lives and fall into apathy, unable to take joy in our surroundings, our successes, our family - everything is just "meh." We have all been in this place from time to time - you know when all you want to do is lay on the couch and do nothing except maybe to sulk - but that might even take too much effort. Thankfully most of us shake it off after a day and move on. However, for some, it is the kind of low vibrational energy that encapsulates and even though it is a beautiful spring day with chirping birds and blooming fragrant flowers all they can feel is their own dissatisfaction with life.

The Chariot's high energy comes in to give that crow of the Four of Cups a bolt! It's like the Universe showing up and saying to the disconnected crow - "Not on my watch!" The force of the Chariot rattles the crow and as a result it get's the bird's attention. Finally, the crow can focus on something other than how miserable its life is and has found something to be excited about! 

The Queen of Wands arrives just in time to control the Chariot, otherwise, all that energy may not be directed in the best direction. She is a strong, fierce creature that is mentally and physically healthy. She has a sharp balanced mind and not only drives a project forward, she has the creativity to ensure that any obstacles are easily hurdled. 

The story I am getting here is that there will be a time of feeling uninspired or not motivated. It could be that the weather has you down or things at work aren't progressing as quickly and as result, we just focus on how the situation makes us feel less than stellar and before long it spirals to other areas of our lives where we are not content. A Chariot will arrive - it will be a forceful energy that will be hard not to notice, however unlike the Tower - it will spark a new found confidence one that will wake you up and re-establish the control you have over your life.

The high-vibrational Chariot may come in as inspiration or an idea - how it comes in doesn't matter - what does matter is how you control that energy. The Queen of Wands will bring to the situation the ability to harness the Chariot's energy and direct it towards a goal. You will find a new enjoyment to living, one that is focused on being healthy and active. 

The grey skies will part and replacing them will be a radiant warm glow that shines a revigorating light.





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