Three Card Crow Tarot Spread - Tuesday March 13th

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Good morning!!

Although I am going to miss my friends in Cincinnati, I am very glad to be home! This morning I did the reading under the watchful eyes of my crow family - Snow, Charming, and Baelfire. It was great to see and hear them.

Crow Tarot

The first place my mind goes to when seeing these cards is that the path out of feeling low or in a rut is by finding something to get excited about. 

There are two sets of crows on the Five of Pentacles, the group in the tree is comfortable and secure, they have their basic needs under control and are free to enjoy life. The crows on the ground are not in this group and as a result, they are going it alone, with little shelter or security. They do however have each other and that provides a very key component in moving forward - strength. They lean on each other for moral and inspiration and it is with the help each crow brings to the situation they are able to trudge through the headwind of life. 

Although the Five of Pentacles does represent financial resources, wealth comes in various ways and the vibe I get here is not one of feeling financially strapped but instead building a strong bond during a time of uncertainty that will prove to be an asset later on down the road. 

It is through the lessons learned and the strengths that were developed and combined during the Five of Pentacles that the crows encounter the energy of the Page of Swords. It is through struggle that enough friction was created to spark a change. It was the charge from the spark that set into motion a powerful path forward. The energy the crows were infused with is one of enthusiasm and curiosity - long gone are the days of putting their heads down to fight the headwind - they now lift their wings and fly into the air, delighting in the wind as they fly upward experimenting with speed and configuration. They want to know all there is to know about flying and spend hours researching. They have found something that inspires them to try harder every day and every flight. 

The energy of the Page of Swords will enter your life as a driving force - like a determined child trying to reach the cookies on the top shelf of the pantry, there is a youthful energy and excitement that comes with this crow and you find yourself all but consumed by learning and pushing forward. When you finally get tired of fighting the wind and despair turns into anger that is when the spark occurs. Despair is a low vibration energy that keeps us feeling low, however, anger although not always the best emotion to have is one that gets us up off the couch and into action. And if you are in this situation with a friend or partner- this is where the genius ideas that are thrown around manifest and moves off the napkin and into the world. 

It is with passionate energy created by the Page of Swords that allows the clouds to part so that the Ace of Pentacles can get a clear vision of the future. It is from this position that the idea transitions from a hobby or concept into a full-blown project, one that will lead to a life of not only financial abundance, but the freedom and security the crows longed to find. 

The Ace of Pentacles comes into view after spending time in a state of positivity. The path to finding success and abundance comes from a desire to move out of a place that doesn't feel aligned with who you are and taking the steps to find your passion - that thing that you "have to do."  When we find ourselves in that place and focus on the victories even the smallest ones we move into a place of positive thoughts and vibrations. It is from this place that we can get a clear picture of a better life and when we hold that in our mind the Ace of Pentacles will arrive ready to make sure you have the resources needed to achieve complete success. 

I always find that I make the most significant life changes when I get mad - or frustrated enough to make the necessary steps to move into change. It is because of the discomfort of living in "discomfort" is more horrible than that feeling of vulnerability that comes from trying something new different. It's that "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" feeling that will spark a change.

So, to summarize - instead of accepting discomfort, get angry - punch a pillow if it helps, but whatever you do - don't lean into inaction because the Ace of Pentacles is waiting to help you manifest your dreams. 



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  • Wow! Exactly! My mom tells a story of me learning to walk… I got so mad because my uncle wouldn’t pick me up, that I stiffened up my legs and marched my way over to him… I was mad enough. This reading really helped… I am mad enough to make changes today! Enough! Thank you!

    Raven Darling on

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