Three Card Crow Tarot Spread - Wednesday Feb 21st

Three Card Crow Tarot Spread - Wednesday Feb 21st

crow tarot spread

Good morning!

The first thing that popped into my head with this spread is in order to find a successful solution - a clear vision is a must!

The crow of the Four of Cups sits on a tree. It is gazing out into space. Below him are three cups that he pays little attention to as they do not hold its interest. A new cup appears before him but he does not react - he continues to stare into space. - not accepting nor rejecting the new cup. At the center of his apprehension and the obstacle an experience with the Five of Swords. The Crow cannot move forward until it makes peace with the actions of the Five of Swords,  as the feelings of distrust and betrayal have immobilized him. The path to freedom from these feelings that do little more than limit the crow from experiencing the beauty of life - is through seeing the situation with a clear unbiased vision as well as being able to picture a better future. By mentally constructing a better future and allowing that idea to flourish internally with every detail mapped out, the crow will see the cup being offered to him is full of potential - and more than he had initially envisioned. 

The Page of Pentacles offers the solution for getting out of a rut and moving forward after a setback. When we are hurt or feel betrayed it can be hard to let that energy go, but stewing in negativity rarely works out well - it just creates more negative feelings and as a result, it spills out into other areas of our lives.

The Four of Cups points to a time of meditation and holding off on decisions - especially if those decisions are based on the experiences of the Five of Swords. The Page of Pentacles is the manifestation card - and supplies the energy to bring into focus new ideas that will help you progress or get moving in a positive direction. By taking the steps and charting out where you want to be in life, you will begin to see or acknowledge all the amazing opportunities that are surrounding you.



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