Three Card Crow Tarot Spread - Wednesday Feb 7

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crow tarot spread

Good morning and happy Wednesday! 

It's the middle of the week, and at the center of this spread the Page of Cups pops out bringing with it a new found desire to connect in a less rigid, more fun way.  Perhaps it is a good time to start thinking about weekend plans!

The crow of the Seven of Swords is reversed and as a result he found it difficult to motivate himself to move forward. There was a feeling of being stuck or paralyzed by stress as a result of feeling over-worked and over-burdened.  There was a definite lack of  work/life harmony. Thankfully the Page of Cups arrives bringing with her the ability to let go and escape, even if it's just mentally. She helps uncover all the little things in life that delight and shines a light on the moments that bring joy, even during stress. Her power to transform perception is crucial for moving forward and opens the door for the Two of Wands to fly in with new opportunities and the ability to spark a new adventure.

I personally love the Page of Cups because it is this energy that proves to be most crucial to get "unstuck." Tapping into that childlike wonder of the world and taking the time to bask in all the creative ideas that arise from connecting with ourselves during play is the cure for feeling stressed out and over-worked. I don't know about elsewhere in the world, but here in the US it is almost a badge of honor to be over-worked and over-burdened. We assign our value by how many things we can accomplish in a day. The problem with that is that in doing so, we devalue play and really it is through play that we get our best ideas and solutions to problems. 

If you are feeling like you spend too many hours focused on tasks that bring you little to no joy, PLEASE take this spread to heart and make time, even 15 minutes to reconnect with some form of play. In doing so there is an idea waiting to be discovered that will lead to a wonderful adventure, it just needs the spark of inspiration. 



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