Three Card General Crow Tarot Reading for Saturday April 7th

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Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

An opportunity is coming, it may not appear to be so fabulous at first and may even contradict the beliefs about wealth and status your parents (or someone in your past) instilled in you - however, there is a positive force at play, one that will transform that underappreciated opportunity into something that is life-changing.

The crow of the of the Six of Pentacles shares its riches with the hungry crows on the ground. This bird is generous to a point - it is only because it has plenty that it will divide the food so that others can eat - oh and it expects some sort of payback later down the road. The energy I get from this creature is that of the wealthy in-laws that take you on a trip with them and then expect you to be at their beckon call for the rest of your life. The Six of Pentacles in the past position indicates a childhood or past where another's materialism has an impact on your beliefs or how you view your place in this world. It is a mindset that has traveled with you and is at the heart of the situation today. 

The Knight of Swords is full of raw energy as her enthusiasm is what charges her forward at a breakneck pace. There is no time for this bird to slow down and examine the facts or important information. The Knight of Swords arrives today because an opportunity is coming, and it will be coming quickly. There will be little time to think about all the ramifications of jumping on board. From an outside perspective -- it may not appear to be such an exciting adventure, or may seem like a lateral move - however don't be too quick to judge as the Knight of Swords here brings with it the message of a swift positive change. 

The King of Cups is an emotionally intelligent crow, one who brings balance and calm to a situation. This loving presence may seem dull at times, but there is a stability with this creature that carries with it the feeling of security. When this bird is around, the world feels right as peace and harmony are in the air. The King of Cups tempers the high-energy of the Knight of Swords so that change can happen swiftly however the energy around it will feel calm and harmonious. Taking the leap of faith with this new opportunity will feel less like jumping on a wild steed and more like boarding a sailboat as it travels to a distant land across a calm sea. 

The vibe I get with these three cards is that the electric and forceful energy of the Knight of Swords arrives to break the chains that bind you to the Six of Pentacles - you are now free from any bondage or obligations of the past. With the King here to bring balance and order to the situation, the opportunity that arrives with the Knight of Swords has the power to change your life and create a path to fulfillment - one where the only person you are beholden to is yourself. 



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