Three Card General Crow Tarot Reading - Friday April 13th

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Good morning! 

Got the feeling someone is trying to ruffle your feathers intentionally? Perhaps a past success has left a feeling of jealousy in the air. Don't be quick to react - hang on, help is on the way. 

The Wheel of Fortune is in constant motion as this card represents the passage of time and the many ups and downs we encounter in life. Although we want to linger in the moments when life is easy and fun for as long as we can - the reality is there are external influences at play and although we can control how we approach each situation, we can not stop the hands of time. In the past position, the Wheel of Fortune represents a major life event, a big turn of the wheel. Whether it be a marriage or a divorce, a new job or being laid-off - it is from that place, that moment in time - we find ourselves in the situation we are in today. 

The crow takes a break from the action and assumes an unusual (but not unheard for crows...) position of hanging upside down. It releases its wings, allowing them to fall as it leans into the position. It is from this place that the bird can see the world from a different perspective. It is this action that will enable the crow to find clarity.

At the center and in the present, the Hanged Man brings the advice to not engage if someone is trying to goad you into an argument. This person may know which buttons to push to get you flustered and because of this, your reactions may not be level-headed or as sharp as needed to reach a favorable outcome.

If the Wheel of Fortune represents a divorce, the Hanged Man in the present may denote challenges to your position or requests - take the time to formulate a strategy, as the warning here is to not react quickly as you will lack the perspective or clarity to win the battle.  

The Queen of Wands is a dynamic, intelligent and seductive crow who approaches life with a fire in her belly. Standing tall and proud, she is the embodiment of strength both mentally and physically - there is not a challenge this bird can't handle as her confidence is off the charts.

In a time of conflict, perhaps when the feeling of self-doubt or defeatedness creeps in - there is no better energy to come into the situation than the Queen of Wands - she is fierce, determined, and speaks truth to power. Taking a break and not initially reacting as suggested by the Hanged Man allowed time for the Queen of Wands to enter. She may appear as a person who brings new insight into your situation, or this energy may manifest itself in the form of an idea that will lead you to discover valuable information - something that will help you overcome the challenges or obstacles of your present situation. With the Queen of Wands in this position - you will find reasons to be confident as you are able to approach the conflict with a sharp mind, as you have the information to formulate a winnable argument.

Time is on your side, if someone is rushing you into a conflict there is a reason and it is to throw you off your game. The message I get here with this spread is to take the time to find all the facts - see the situation from a new perspective as help is on the way. The Queen of Wands offers strength during times of challenge and with her vibrant fiery energy - the Wheel of Fortune will spin a quicker as you transition into a more positive cycle.



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