Three Card General Crow Tarot Reading - Monday April 9th

Three Card General Crow Tarot Reading - Monday April 9th

Three Card Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning!

The energy to start off this week is one of seeing the world as a place full of opportunities, and at this moment, you have the ability to create a long-lasting success. 

The crow of the Two of Pentacles is in infinite motion and has the ability to take on challenges in stride as it has created balance and all responsibilities are covered. This bird has a unique perspective of the world and because of this when new challenges arise, they are swiftly incorporated into the mix. The Two of Pentacles in this reading suggests a unique way of approaching life in that the regular 8-hour a day, 40 hours a week job is not for you. You may have been raised by parents who took a different approach, maybe a more "freestyle" way of living, or perhaps at an early age, you knew that you wanted to pursue life a bit differently and create a living in a less traditional manner.  It is this nonconformity that actually worked to your advantage because today you have the ability to use your creativity to juggle the many tasks of adult life - including making a living.

It was the feeling of freedom that enabled you to move into a place where opportunities seemed to flow to you and as a result, the Seven of Pentacles appears today at the heart of the spread.  The crow in the tree has gathered the materials needed to create a solid and stable home. It was her investment in time and resources that has enabled her to take a break in comfort for a little while before deciding on whether to stay or build a bigger nest.  The Seven of Pentacles is an acknowledgment of your efforts and brings the message to bask in all that you have created. The opportunity to go to the next level is there waiting for you when you are ready. There is a greater success waiting for you - however, the decision is yours to make. 

The Knight of Pentacles is a strong, focused crow. When committed to a project, it digs in deep and will do the work needed to ensure success. With the Knight of Pentacles in this position, there is little doubt that success is in the wings - waiting. The Knight may come in as a "knight in shining armor" with financial resources to help you take your situation to the next level - or it may be an opportunity that falls in your lap that will open the door to a financially successful project. 

For those who are creatives and have reached a plateau - the vibe I get here is to take that leap of faith - because doing so will lead to an opportunity to meet the Knight of Pentacles. You have invested so much already, and if you choose to move forward, you will be met with help.

This spread has given me a bit of energy this morning - and much to think about - I hope it does for you as well!!




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