Three Card General Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday August 2nd

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

There is an energy this morning of getting things done - and this may mean growing up a bit and separating yourself from distractions - it is time to get focused on the goal you have been diligently working on because - it is worth continuing.

The crow traveled back to its original home where he reminisced about life as a fledgling. Life was simple and easy back then and with parents and other older crows around to protect him - it was a blissful existence while it lasted. The crow looking around at the old stomping grounds felt a bit of sadness as those days are long gone and now it is his responsibility to care for himself - something he isn't sure he can do.

The Six of Cups is coming through this morning to indicate that your current situation is the result of some "childish behavior" in that you are not facing a responsibility either out of ignorance or with the hopes that someone else will do it for you - or that it will simply go away. You may be experiencing fear is this area and to protect yourself from getting uncomfortable - and because of this you have put blinders on in regards to a chore or a task that you may feel is too far out of your ability. 

Whether it is dealing with a legal or financial matter or facing a long arduous process to get into school, a job, a grant, loan - etc if you are feeling stuck or unable to progress move smoothly - it may indicate that you are the one that needs to step up and take responsibility. This may require digging deep to figure out if you have a belief that is creating a block and preventing you from taking on the task. Perhaps that loan application is taking forever to complete because, during your childhood, you saw your parents fighting over money and because of this now in your subconscious mind you associate money with anger or pain.  Or perhaps that college application remains unfinished not so much because you are busy but because you have been told for years that no one in your family has gone to college and who do you think you are for thinking you can - and because that there is a fear of being rejected by your family.

Of course, it may simply be out of pure ignorance or naivety because you have yet to have learned the lesson needed to progress. It may be your childlike wonder that got you to this point - however, to move on you may need to grow up and learn the required skills to go on to the next level. 

In any case - the message is: You need to be the adult now. 

The crow works on finishing another pentacle. With each one completed her skills improve and her confidence soars. She is on the right path. Although she has put in a good deal of time and energy - her devotion to mastering her craft was not wasted and is close to paying off. There is still much for her to learn, however, and because of this, she remains open to new opportunities that will enable her to study and develop her talents further.  

At the heart of today's reading is the Eight of Pentacles bringing with it the supportive message that your hard work and diligence will pay off. Your efforts have not been wasted and although it may seem like there is a constant learning curve - in the end, you will be stronger and more proficient in your role as a result of practicing or developing your skills.

With the Six of Cups setting up your current situation - you may need to figure out where you are taking a "child-like" attitude in regards to the task associated with the Eight of Pentacles. Is there something you are overlooking out of ignorance - are you being a bit naive regarding your situation or is out of a fear that is connected to your upbringing that has your progress on hold?  

This is a time to seek out a mentor or find a source of inspiration that will keep you motivated and on task.

The crow has a problem with distractions and because of this, it left the chaotic city to travel into the deep woods. It is here that the crow can concentrate as it is working on a very important problem - one that will require him to focus his attention inward without the constant caw-cawing of the roost. It is from this place of solitude that the answers emerge with clarity and an actionable path is created. 

The Hermit arrives today with the message that it may be necessary for you to step away from the chatter or your current distractions so that you can get a clear vision of your situation. Listen to your gut - what is it telling you? If you are having a hard time completing a task - remove yourself from the distractions so that you can devote your total energy into it without influence or interference. 

You have worked too hard to reach a point of success and the vibe I get from these cards is that your inner child's ignorance is an unwitting saboteur to your success - and the way to defeat it is through wisdom.

“Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth” ~ Pema Chodron



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