Three Card Reading from Crow Tarot - Thursday March 1

Three Card Reading from Crow Tarot - Thursday March 1

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Good morning!

What is going on here?? I mean did we not just come off of what felt like days of bliss and intuition? Apparently, in this forecast - March is coming in as a lion...

This spread, although it looks pretty rough with the Tower there, and the Seven of Swords isn't too sweet either, it serves as a good reminder and with that offers some advice that would serve us well to heed. 


At the center of this spread is the energy of the Seven of Swords - this crow is the kind of bird that has no desire to work hard or ethically. It will cut corners to save money, treat others as though they are disposable and the worst part is he thinks he is smarter than any other bird in the roost. The thing about this guy is that he doesn't away with it - every other bird out there knows his deal and he isn't as cunning as he would lead you to believe. To the left of the dastardly bird is the Eight of Pentacles - this is what the energy the Universe wants to Seven of Swords to strive for - as this crow is diligent and works hard to master its craft. The Eight of Pentacles is a learner and takes the opportunity to be the student. To the right of the Seven of Swords is the Tower and with it the message of "yeah keep going the way you are because if you don't make the change yourself - the Universe will do it for you - it's your choice."

For anyone who has ever worked for or was friends with the person who was the "smartest in the room" you know the energy of the Seven of Swords. This is the person who knows everything. They are also infuriatingly lazy, like the co-worker who uses everyone's mug at the office but never washes any of them. Or the friend who always seems to forget his wallet when the bill for dinner comes, even though he was the one who ordered the Lobster! (and complained it wasn't good.) 

Eventually, unless their soul-purpose is that of being a human sloth - the Universe will give them a cosmic kick in the butt - one that will rattle them enough to make a change. If you find that you can relate to the energy of the Seven of Swords - I mean we all have those moments of leaving dishes in the sink with the hope that someone else will do them... 

This spread is a reminder that making the changes in life that help move us in a forward more positive direction is an easier transition than having the ceiling cave in on us. If you have been cutting corners in life (And I am right there with you in some cases!) - take this spread as a gentle nudge to look to the energy of the Eight of Pentacles. By moving in a direction of learning and developing your personal skills you will emit positive energy and keep the negative energy of the Tower at bay. 




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