Three (four) card Crow Tarot General Reading - Friday March 30th

Three (four) card Crow Tarot General Reading - Friday March 30th

Crow Tarot

Good morning! 

Well, there is going to be a shakeup...but the good news is the Queen of Pentacles came in to soften the blow!

The Queen of Cups is a loving, nurturing bird - she has the ability to know when things aren't right in your world, even before you have a chance to open your mouth. The Queen sits in your past and reflects a strong foundation of love and a childhood full of good times with family and friends. It is from this place that you have a strong sense of belonging and travel the world knowing that you always have a loving home waiting for you. If your family was not the warm and fuzzy kind - this energy may also represent someone who had a profound impact on who you are today - and instilled the positive beliefs that keep you going during difficult times. 

It is because of the history you have with the Queen of Cups that you are attracted to a person who has come into your life, not in a romantic way but from a place or learning and growing. The Emperor is a well-regarded leader who believes in sharing his knowledge so that others can reach their highest potential. You will be drawn to this leader energy - much like a moth to a flame as you know deep down it is from the Emperor's knowledge you will be able to take your life to the next level.  This person will be like a coach, someone who pushes you to be better but does so in a way that is not critical as his motives are free from any ego. 

Just like every other night for as long as they can remember the crows found a safe, secure place to roost at night - high in the rafters of the bell tower. That was of course until a terrible thunderstorm sent a bolt of lighting to the tower, splitting it heartlessly in two. The crows lost their beloved home, in a swift instance - it was gone. Being that The Tower is in the future position, had the crows paid attention to the weather report earlier in the day - they may not have been so surprised. The Tower in this spread represents a major upheaval - one that is going to happen quickly - within days. You should not be surprised if you experience a sudden and swift change as this card in the future position speaks of a change that you know is coming your way - even if it hasn't been officially announced. For example, half your office was laid off a month ago - the writing is on the wall, if you get laid off, it should not come as a surprise - but it will create a drastic change in your life. Or if you rent your home and you know your landlord has been in the market to know that a move is in your future. 

Because I hate ending on a note of uncertainty - I drew a fourth card.  The Queen of Pentacles is wonderful and I am glad she arrived! This Queen has the ability to not only ensure that her family is taken care of - she also has the means to take care of herself. She's no garbage picker - thank you very much, she forges only the best for those she loves - including herself. With the Queen here following the Tower, this indicates that the major upheaval felt by the Tower will end up being a very good thing as it opens the door to a very fortuitous opportunity.

Pulling up that feeling of being grounded and loved from the past as well as continuing to grow with the help of the Emperor, the event around the Tower will seem less catastrophic and more like a catapult - propelling you into a bigger, brighter future! 





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