Daily Reading for the Collective April 15th

Daily Reading for the Collective April 15th

Good morning!
If there is something or someone that is making a bad habit easier or helping you stay in your comfort zone because it serves their needs it may be time for a break. There is a pathway to new opportunities and success waiting for you; however, you won't see them if you remain put.

The Ace of Wands brings the message to expand your mind, let your creativity flow. When you break the chains that are keeping you down you will fly!



I have spots open this week in my schedule if you would like to book a private reading!  

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Hello Isabel,

Here is the latest update on the book. https://mailchi.mp/7ec00037cf00/crow-tarot-guidebook-update

I know I am a bit late – as much as I try to guesstimate how long a project will take as a creator and an artist I want to make sure that my work is something I feel good about sending out to the world and sometimes that means that I miss deadlines. I do send updates – if your husband isn’t receiving them please me know and I will make sure he is on the mailing list.

Thank you!


My husband is getting antsy about this tarot deck and book. His card has already been charged and the release date keeps getting pushed back. I hope he doesn’t put a stop on the payment because it has been a long time since I ordered this bundle. I thought the credit card wouldn’t be charged until the merchandise was actually mailed out. The cards look so beautiful I hope I do receive them.

Isabel H. Hagar

Loving my deck & your videos


Hello Rene,

I am sorry. I sent out an email last week to update those who ordered the guidebook and deck bundle. Maybe it went to your spam folder? I have been working on getting the book done and have been focused solely on that task. I apologize for not sending you an individual email I was hoping sending one out to the group would help keep everyone informed and help me stay on task (getting the book done.)

Thank you and I do apologize for any miscommunication

margaux jones

I preordered my book and deck back the beginning of this year, never received it. Contacted the seller numerous times and never got a reply. Very disappointing

Rene Case

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