PRE-ORDER the Grimalkin Tarot
PRE-ORDER the Grimalkin Tarot
PRE-ORDER the Grimalkin Tarot
PRE-ORDER the Grimalkin Tarot
PRE-ORDER the Grimalkin Tarot
PRE-ORDER the Grimalkin Tarot
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PRE-ORDER the Grimalkin Tarot

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>>>EXTENDED - Sale Price ENDS FEB 26th<<<

The Grimalkin Tarot closes on Saturday, February 29th! Order before then to reserve your deck! 

Please note: I am independently publishing this deck and will be placing the order with the printer next week. I am only going to have a handful of extra decks printed.

Bring home the cats of the Grimalkin Tarot:

  • 80 beautifully illustrated cards paying homage to the mystical cat energy - 78 that follow the standard Rider-Waite-Smith meanings for each card plus two bonus cards. Intuitive and easy to read right out of the box! 
  • Original, delightfully illustrated, and rich with symbolism. Each card you draw will draw you in and through the veil. 
  • High-quality, flexible 3x5 cards that have a nice smooth laminated finish. The cards feel like silk running through your hands as you easily shuffle! 
  • Sturdy and impressive two-piece box that will make a lovely presentation if you are giving the deck as a gift
  • A booklet with the cat names and meanings for each card



 The Grimalkin tarot was created for those who are ready to learn the secrets of the Tarot as well as long time professionals—those who are new will find the deck intuitive and easy to read right from the box and those who are more seasoned will love the nuanced symbolism and unique approach the cats take to bringing forward the messages from the other side.



 Curious yet patient creatures, cats analyze a situation thoroughly so as to know exactly when to strike. The cats in the Grimalkin Tarot perhaps like your cat have a strong sense of environment and a deep bond to the divine. When you connect with the cards within this deck they will help you go inward so you can examine your situation from a different perspective.

Caring for Your New Cats:

A couple of things you should know about these cats, like all cats—they don't like loud noises so please create a space that is peaceful and comforting before bringing them out to play. They also like to be in charge, if you don't like a card you draw the first time, they will either repeat it or bring you the information again but in a different way. Over time with love and admiration your cats will become a trusted companion.

The deck does include a little booklet with the messages, of course with a Grimalkin twist. 

Independently created and published by the artist. The Grimalkin Tarot will not be available via the big box stores.

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