Card 1

Today You have chosen card 1- The Four of Wands!

General Message for the Four of Wands:

The Four of Wands dances into your reading with a joyous celebration of stability, harmony, and milestones reached. The arrival of this card is a testament to the hard work you've put in and the solid foundations you've built. A special occasion, a gathering, or a moment of recognition and achievement may be on the horizon. The Four of Wands encourages you to pause and savor the joy, whether in the form of a personal achievement, a relationship milestone, or a communal celebration. It's a reminder that life isn't just about the journey but also about the moments of joy and gratitude we experience along the way. Take this time to cherish and celebrate with loved ones, and let the positive energy fill your spirit. Your dedication and efforts have led to this moment of harmony and jubilation—embrace it.


During the 1970s, Maplewood was a neighborhood in decline, plagued by corruption and decay. Its abandoned buildings, once symbols of a thriving community, had become stages for criminal activities. Amidst this bleak backdrop, Tamara Wilson, a local who held her childhood neighborhood close to her heart, saw a glimmer of hope.

Tamara envisioned a place that could breathe new life into Maplewood: The Starlight Roller Rink. Recognizing the potential in the spacious, deserted warehouse with ample parking, she dreamed of transforming it into a vibrant gathering spot. Her plan wasn't just about business; it was about reviving the community spirit, creating a haven where people of all ages could come together and enjoy themselves.

The journey from concept to reality was challenging and took a year. The warehouse's landlord, initially skeptical of Tamara's vision and wary of drawing unwanted attention to the building's murky past, hesitantly agreed to a lease. The warehouse, destined to become the Starlight Roller Rink, held secrets that some in the neighborhood wished remained hidden.

To the surprise and delight of many, The Starlight Roller Rink quickly became more than just a place to skate. It evolved into a vital community hub, offering a safe space for children, hosting birthday celebrations, and featuring live bands on weekends. Its success sparked a wider revitalization in Maplewood, drawing in visitors and encouraging new businesses to open.

Buoyed by this success, Tamara considered expanding, mulling over the idea of adding a bar in the basement. However, this plan seemed to attract mysterious attention. The community's joy turned to concern when Tamara unexpectedly disappeared. In a startling turn of events, her landlord, accompanied by the police, discovered a note in the newly renovated basement, indicating Tamara's sudden departure. The note, found conveniently on the bar, raised more questions than answers.

Following this strange incident, the roller rink shut down, leaving behind a void in the now-thriving neighborhood. Rumors began to circulate about the abandoned Starlight Roller Rink. Some locals whispered of eerie music echoing through the empty halls and a ghostly figure skating across the deserted floor in the dim evenings, as if Tamara's spirit still lingered, forever a part of the community she loved and tried to save.