Card 2

Today You have chosen card 2 - The Sun!

The Sun’s General Message:

The Sun bursts forth with radiant energy, casting its golden light upon you. A period of joy, vitality, and optimism is on the horizon. Embrace the power of the Sun enthusiastically as it signals success, clarity, and personal power. Challenges that once seemed daunting now melt away under its illuminating glow, revealing paths previously hidden. This is a time to celebrate your achievements, bask in your successes, and relish the warmth of personal connections. Let go of any lingering shadows or doubts, and allow the positive, life-affirming energy of the Sun to rejuvenate your spirit. Trust in the abundant blessings and opportunities coming your way, and let your light shine brightly for all to see.

The Story:

In England's prestigious equestrian circles, Hue O'Shay was a figure of admiration. Her ascent in the sport of dressage captivated many. Riding with confidence and determination, she gracefully ascended the ranks atop her elegant steed, Donegal's Dance. Together, they delivered performances that were enchanting, rapidly becoming the sport's new luminaries.

However, the reality away from the public eye told a different tale. Hue's unyielding pursuit of excellence transformed her into a demanding trainer. The once-harmonious relationship between her and Donegal's Dance deteriorated as Hue's impatience and stringent corrections took their toll. The horse began to bear the marks of this changed dynamic, both in spirit and in body. The stable staff and fellow trainers started to murmur about Hue's harsh methods.

Then, a transformative moment occurred. One day, under the warm sun, Donegal's Dance experienced a profound sense of strength and liberation. The horse, weary of constant criticism, suddenly dashed out of the corral. With Hue still on his back, they charged into the sheltering forest, leaving behind the confines of the training ground. Embracing a newfound sense of freedom, Donegal's Dance leaped spiritedly, dislodging Hue in the process.

Hue's fall was dramatic and unexpected. She landed in a deep mud pool. The thick sludge enveloped her, pulling her down as the weight of her own ego seemed to anchor her further. Her once-celebrated journey in dressage concluded in a humbling and ignoble manner. Meanwhile, Donegal's Dance embraced a life of liberty, roaming the forest freely, far from the demanding glare of competition and ambition.