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Crow Tarot

4 Card Personal Reading - Recorded Video

4 Card Personal Reading - Recorded Video

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Please be aware that I only offer readings here, and will never contact you through social media to offer a reading. 

I use a four-card spread in my 10-12-minute readings, offering a quick yet insightful glimpse into your path, whether to reaffirm your current direction or suggest a new one. You can pick the deck that you would like me to use. 

The first card reveals the energy approaching you, much like a weather report for your personal energy. This could either support your current trajectory, like a favorable wind, or signal upcoming changes or challenges.

The second card depicts an imminent situation, shaped by the surrounding energies. It gives insight into an event or circumstance that's about to unfold in your life.

The third card represents the unexpected – akin to an 'uninvited guest' in your journey. This energy arrives without warning, potentially altering your path significantly. It's like an unknown guest at a party who could either cause a stir or become your new best friend.

The fourth and final card conveys advice or messages from your spiritual guides, offering guidance and wisdom tailored to your current life situation.

You will receive your personal video via a private youtube link within 4 days or ordering.

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