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Crow Tarot

Holiday Ornaments!

Holiday Ornaments!

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Each ornament is hand made (sublimated) by me as well as signed! 

They are $15 each (includes US shipping) 

4 for $47 (includes US shipping) mix and match - discount appears in cart

10 for $80 (includes US shipping) mix and match - discount appears in cart

The options are:

1. Queen of Pentacles (Raven's Dream

2. King of Cups (Guardian of the Night)

3. Gifts (from Urban Crow Oracle)

4. Star (Raven's Dream)

5. Temperance (Raven's Dream)

6. Justice: (Raven's Dream)

7. Four of Wands (Raven's Dream)

8. Queen of Swords ( Raven's Dream)

9. Storm (Liminal Forest)

10: Crow and Magnolia (Treasures from Above)

11. Ruth Bader Ginsburg (ROAR Oracle)

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