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Crow Tarot

It's a Murder - Box!

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This is a very limited offer due the inventory of indie Urban Crow decks I have available.

This collection of art and cards will delight anyone who loves all things corvid! Because this collection includes the indie version of the Urban Crow Tarot - it is very limited and only 100 boxes will be created. 

What's in the gift box?

  • The Crow Tarot + signed
  • The Urban Crow - INDIE edition + signed
  • 20 Card Urban Crow expansion set that fits the style and card stock of the Indie edition of the Urban Crow.
  • 2023 Urban Crow Calendar
  • Single Card Reading
  • 12 postcards (art from the Crow Tarot and the Urban Crow) 

Please allow 7-10 business days for this box to ship. 

Includes shipping in the US