60 minute Private Reading (Crow Spread)
Crow Tarot

60 minute Private Reading (Crow Spread)

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Book your hour private detailed 8 card Crow Spread reading. 

NEW for 2020 - You have the choice of booking a live reading via facetime or a recorded video of your reading.

I can not speak to the dead, nor can I tell you if you are going to win the lottery. What my tarot readings offer is a look at the energy that is impacting your life. Together we will uncover your strengths, your weaknesses, and areas where you are blocking progress. 

In this reading we touch on the following eight positions of the Crow Tarot spread:

  1. The first card represents your heart, and the honest emotions that you feel—the desire that you hold within. 
  2. To the left of the heart is the energy you attract as a result of the messages you are sending out into the Universe. 
  3. You may feel in your heart a strong desire for a positive outcome, and your frequency may be as high as it can be; however, in this position, the card reveals how your subconscious mind can sabotage success. 
  4. The area of hopes and fears connects to the third card or subconscious card in this reading.
  5. Your grounding energy. You will find your strength here, that part of yourself that keeps you connected to the earth. 
  6. The past often repeats itself, and in this position. The card reveals a lesson from your history that may be relevant and holds wisdom for your current situation.
  7. Think of this card as the uninvited house guest. This external influence will enter your life with little help from your actions as they are operating from a space of free will. 
  8. The crows travel through the veil and bring back what they see as the best approach to ensure that your outcome is the most beneficial.

I like to expand this reading by running through each position three times. The first card layer gives a base understanding of the energy that is present, and the following layers provide more insight. I have found that to do a full Crow Spread with three layers plan on a reading that runs at least an hour. Not only will you receive a thorough reading, but it is also like your own mini personal tutorial for how to get the most out of the Crow Spread if you use it on your own.