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Signed Grimalkin's Curious Cats - HAY HOUSE

Signed Grimalkin's Curious Cats - HAY HOUSE

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Releasing early! March 20th (before the big box stores) Published by Hay House! The box, deck and guidebook is sure to please any cat-lover! I think this one is my "prettiest" deck so far created. 

Hay House has made this deck available for pre-order. When you pre-order and reserve your deck directly from me, the artist, I will not only sign your deck but also send along some goodies! Those who order before MARCH 18th will not only receive the added single card reading but also 5 Grimalkin postcards and a 6x9 Grimalkin-themed journal!


With 80 cards, a beefy guidebook, and a sturdy two-piece box, this deck is heavy and makes for a lovely presentation! 


From scrounging alley cats to well-fed fat cats to cats with no fur to cats that are giant puffballs, Grimalkin's Curious Cats purr lovingly brings together a collection that is pawsitively purrfect for any cat-lover!

80 beautifully illustrated cards paying homage to the mystical cat energy - 78 that follow the standard Rider-Waite-Smith meanings for each card plus two bonus cards. Intuitive and easy to read right out of the box! 





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