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Crow Tarot

Tarot Spreads and Journal - A Guided Journey to Uncover Your Story

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I created this book to help uncover our unique story. The following spreads offer an opportunity to obtain an unbiased look at who we are through the lens of the Tarot. Some of the spreads in this book will help you uncover those long-forgotten moments that reside within, festering only to pop up without our knowledge, and the result impacts our decisions and, in turn, our future. Other spreads allow your creative mind to play and conjure new ideas that may lead to new opportunities.


In this 160 page book you will find 25 unique illustrated spreads, 22 single card spreads that take you through the Major Arcana, a guide for Spellcasting with the Crow Tarot Spread, Yes/No/Maybe guide for the Tarot, quick reference guide with the keywords for each card in the Tarot, plus plenty of room for jotting down ideas and insights as they arise while working within a spread.