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Crow Tarot


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50 cards. 150 treasures. One decisive answer. Unless the skies a cloudy, then you will need to ask again. Treasures from Above is a yes / no oracle, much like a magic eight ball if it was a card deck infused with crow energy.

How to use the Treasures from Above:

The Treasures from Above was created to simply offer you a clear answer, yes, or no. Like my other decks, this deck was created to connect your intuition with the energy of the Universe to ensure that you receive a straightforward, cut to the chase, no reading between the lines, answer.

To start, you will need to clear your mind and think of a question that can be answered with a yes or a no.

For example: Is my boss looking to promote someone in the office? Is that person me?

Sometimes we just want someone or something else to decide for us when we are on the fence. Should I go to my 3rd cousin's wedding? Should I order take out tonight? 

Next: Think about your question and then shuffle the deck.

Now draw a card. On that card your crow or crows delivered three treasures. 

Pick one treasure, the treasure that calls to you. 

In your guidebook you will find all 150 treasures cataloged in alphabetical order. Next to each treasure is a number. In the "Answers" section of the guidebook when you go to that number you will find your message. 

Here is an example of one of the answer pages:

This deck can also be used as a game, like Rock, Paper, Scissors. Each player draws a card and then chooses a treasure. The treasure with the highest number (found in the treasure catalog) wins. This can come in handy to solve simple arguments such as who has to clean the dishes after dinner. 


This is a deck in production and will ship November. The printer requires 5-7 weeks of production time once the invoice has been paid.

Thank you to everyone who supports this project It is through pre-orders that I am able to self-fund the printing of the Treasures from Above. 

I will keep you updated every step of the way through my instagram page. (it is also at the bottom of this site's homepage)


50 cards 3.5"x5" 330 gsm cardstock

Two-Piece sturdy nicely designed cardboard box

170 Page Guidebook with treasure catalog and answer sections

Independently Printed in the USA