Aligning with the Universe - Abundance Spread

Aligning with the Universe - Abundance Spread

Good morning! Today, I am using the spread Aligning with the Universe. This spread is from the chapter Spreads for Abundance from my 80 3 card Tarot Spreads. The cards: The Hermit, The Ace of Wands, and the Ace of Cups. This spread highlights our current frequency, the signs the Universe is sending, and how to synchronize the energies to find the most harmonious path forward.

Your Frequency:

The Hermit reveals we may feel anti-social: introspection, solitude, and inner search may be on the agenda for this weekend. As the frequency card suggests, your current vibrational state regarding cultivating abundance is one of deep reflection. You may have been doing a lot of soul-searching about what prosperity means. What does it take for you to feel prosperous? The Hermit can also suggest that you might feel isolated or alone in your journey towards abundance. Maybe your idea of what abundance means differs from your partner's, and as a result, you may not be on the same page when making big life choices. It's crucial at this time to ensure that your beliefs, emotions, and intentions regarding wealth and prosperity are grounded and not influenced by external noise or distractions.

Enter the influence of the Universe!

Cosmic Frequency:

The Ace of Wands brings inspiration, new beginnings, and creative potential! Um, yeah - sign me up, Universe! As the card representing the Universe's messages, it's clear that we are being presented with a fresh start or a new opportunity related to beginning a new journey that will open the door to prosperity. The universe is signaling that this is a favorable time to act on your inspirations. There's an abundance of energy and motivation available to you, waiting for you to harness it.

Pulling the Ace of Wands this morning felt like having all the stress and anxiety of the last week wash away, and in its place is this feeling of anticipation and hope. OH, that kind of speaks to the STAR CARD from yesterday's reading! 

How do we get in synch so that our energy aligns with what the Universe is offering?


The Ace of Swords symbolizes clarity, truth, and a new way of thinking or perspective. When aligning our energy with the cosmic frequency, this card advises the path to success starts with a clear and honest mindset. It's time to cut through any confusion, self-deception, or false beliefs you may have about abundance. I know I am not alone here in creating blocks, so what are we going to do? The Ace of Swords asks that we adopt a mindset that cuts through the chatter, focus on the facts and not our fears, and recognize that we have the strength to face the truth. 

While we are in that Hermit energy, this weekend may be a good time for meditation or journaling. Taking time to contemplate your next step forward will help you to distill and articulate your true desires and goals related to prosperity.

For this weekend, the journey toward abundance is marked by introspection and possibly feeling alone in your quest. However, the Universe has our back and sends powerful signals of new beginnings, inspiration, and opportunities. To best align with these cosmic energies, embrace clarity and truth, clearing away any mental fog or misconceptions you might have about your path to prosperity. The universe supports you, and you'll find your path illuminated with the right mindset.

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