Independently Published Tarot and Oracle Decks

A quick note about my decks:

My indie oracle and tarot decks are not available on Amazon or in stores. Instead, they are crafted exclusively through pre-orders. My aim is not just to create a product; I am dedicated to crafting art that feels intimate and is designed to delight and provide meaningful experiences. I order only the number of decks pre-ordered - there is no excess stock. 

Valdis's Annotated Guide to the Spirits of Unfinished Business

Dive into the mystical world of Valdis's creation with the "Annotated Guide to the Spirits of Unfinished Business," a Tarot book unlike any other. This collection of stories and tarot meanings brings you a book within a book that transcends the traditional boundaries of what a tarot guide looks like, offering you an immersive experience into the ethereal realm where the spirits of the Tarot dwell.

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