Crows bond, mourn, understand justice (too well for some), and display a sense of humor at times. In many ways, they are like us. The Urban Crow Oracle offers you a tool to connect and learn from these amazing creatures.

The Urban Crow Oracle draws our focus to our shadow and the emotions that surface during our day. It is with the help of these mystical and ever-so-clever crows that we find clarity and new sources of inspiration. 


Introducing The Guardian of the Night published by HAY HOUSE!

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If you missed the first two printings, the portal to the enchanting land of Förhäxa is opening AGAIN! There will be a very limited supply of this magical deck.

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Sealed Single Card Readings

Included with every order of the Crow Tarot, Wise Dog Tarot, and the Hay House editions of the Guardian of Night and Urban Crow Oracle is a single card reading.

In your sealed envelope you will find a card and a message. I do not know who gets which cards as the cards are randomly selected. Only the Universe knows which card is for you!

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Wall Ready Art

Now available! Wall ready canvases using the artwork from my decks. Printed on demand.

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MJ Cullinane

Margaux Jones (AKA MJ) is an award-winning Seattle-based artist, writer, mother, and lover of all things magical - especially crows. And now...a Hay House author/deck creator!

Nature and its creatures are a familiar theme in MJ's work, however having grown up south of Boston her collages are heavily influenced by the energy of the city. Her work often merges the two worlds. Her path into the world of Tarot was a beautiful accident that came out of a difficult time in her life. 

The Crow Tarot, MJ's first published deck, has achieved a significant following and recognition with crow lovers and the tarot community including winning the 2019 CARTA award for Best Tarot Deck and Best Illustrator of a Tarot Deck. 

When MJ is not making art or writing she is spending time with her daughter, playing in nature, practicing magic, and finding new sources of inspiration.