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The Raven's Dream 2024 Week-at-a-Glance Calendar

Introducing the 2024 Raven's Dream week-at-a-glance calendar! 

Ample Daily Space: Every day provides abundant room for notes and tracking your tarot/oracle card pulls, making it easier to discern patterns or recurring messages from your daily draws.

Enchanting Art from Raven's Dream Tarot: Revel in the captivating full-color images from the deck each week. Accompanying these, you will find a weekly prompt based on the card's message.

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New to Tarot? One of the easiest ways to learn the meanings is through connecting the energy to stories.

Join me in bringing to life 79 Ghost Stories that bridge the spiritual realm with the wisdom of the Tarot!

This 6" x 9" 200+ page book releases in December in time for the holidays.

Valdis's Annotated Unfinished Business Guidebook.

Valdis's Annotated Guidebook for Unfinished Business creates a book within a book, creating a narrative that enriches the stories within the deck and its spirits.

Please note this book is different from the guidebook that is included with the deck. This full-size book adds another layer to the stories as well as additional information not found in the guidebook that is included with the deck.

Check out a sample of the book!

Unfinished Business - a Ghostly Tarot

I am now independently publishing this deck!!! Travel through the Tarot with the spirits who embody the energy of each card.

RELEASES January 17th!

Pre-ORDER to reserve your copy and to support the printing of this deck!

Pre-ORDER to Reserve your copy and support the printing!

Tales For Tomorrow Lenormand

Arrives January 17th 2024!

Welcome to the Tales for Tomorrow, Lenormand! I created this whimsical deck to help us peek across the veil and watch as stories come together to uncover what tomorrow holds for us.  

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The Raven's Dream Tarot

INDIE Bundle special

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2nd Printing of the Raven's Dream Tarot!

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    This Summer learn how to easily connect with your favorite Tarot deck! Connecting with the Energy of the Tarot!

    Join me as we take a deep dive into the Tarot! This 41 video class (14+ hours) will unpack the energy of the cards as well as highlight the key symbolism found in decks inspired by the Rider-Waite-Smith. (This includes my decks) In addition I will go over how I use the Tarot for spell casting and do a sample reading. Plus there are 3 ebooks included with the course!