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The Raven's Dream Tarot

LAST DAY to reserve your deck is JUNE 9th!

I will have a handful of extras available however the only way to guarantee your deck is by pre-ordering.

Dive into the mystical realms of the uncharted with the Raven's Dream Tarot. This deeply intuitive 78-card set draws upon the energy of the raven – a bird renowned in lore and legend for its prophetic insight and mysterious intelligence.

The Raven's Dream offers a beautifully illustrated deck that will serve as a portal into a shadowy world of symbolism and self-discovery. The Raven, as the guiding spirit, weaves a narrative that is as rich and complex as the night sky, drawing on ancient myths, timeless archetypes, and the wisdom of nature.



The Urban Crow Oracle

Tap into the collective wisdom of the crows as they guide you through the challenges and opportunities of modern living. From practical advice for daily decisions to deeper spiritual revelations, the Urban Crow Oracle will illuminate your path and empower you with newfound clarity and insights.


The Roar Oracle offers a captivating and empowering collection of 54 cards that pays homage to the remarkable women who have left an enduring historical mark.

For divination, the ROAR deck provides insightful interpretations and guidance alongside the imagery, allowing you to tap into the wisdom and energy of these historic change-makers. Whether used for personal reflection, meditation, or divination practices, each card will enable you to connect with the spirit and essence of these extraordinary women.


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