First, thank you for ordering from me!
I am an independent artist who makes a living as a full-time creative, and for that, I feel pretty damn blessed! Also, your order is doing more than just purchasing something, you are keeping the creative process going! 

Here are a few questions that I receive more often. Please scroll down - chances are you will find your answer! 

When will my deck ship?

My signed decks generally take 7-10 business days to ship. I do try to get them out sooner but as as general rule of thumb please plan on the timeline above.

My indie decks ship directly from my printer and usually ship within 3 days. 

My deck arrived without plastic? Is this normal?
Yes! Because my indie decks ship directly to you from the printer, I asked that they not add any more plastic into the environment as this planet already has islands of it in the Pacific Ocean, WHOLE ISLANDS of plastic! It's just one small thing I can do as part of being conscious of my impact on the planet.

Where are your decks made?
All my self-published decks are printed in the USA by a small business. Because of this, the cost of publishing my decks is a wee bit higher than those printed in China. Your order is not only helping me continue to make decks that you will love - you are also supporting another small business! 

My decks published by US Games and Hay House are printed in China. Please note that my decks will come in a two-piece box and include a guidebook. If your deck did not...it is almost certainly a counterfeit copy of my artwork.

Will I receive tracking information?
Yes! Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email or text (depending on how you set up your account) with the tracking information. You will also receive a notification when your order is delivered.

My order has an item that is a pre-order. Will everything be sent simultaneously, or will you ship ready items?
Orders are not split up or shipped incomplete. Once everything is available, your order will ship. If you need items to arrive sooner rather than waiting for a pre-order, it is best to order them separately. 

Raven's Dream - 2nd Printing January 17

Tales for Tomorrow - Lenormand - January 17

Unfinished Business - a Ghostly Tarot - January 17th

Raven's Dream 2024 week-at-a-glance calendar end of October.

My order appears to be lost by the carrier; what should I do?
If your package does not indicate that it has been delivered and appears stuck in shipping for more than two weeks, contact me at mj@crowtarot.com - I will investigate, and if need be, a claim will be made and filed, and replacement will be sent.

My order says it was delivered, but I can't find it: 
Please get in touch with the carrier FIRST. They are the ones who will be able to support you the best, AND they have the tools to locate your deck - I don't. Once we ship your order, it is no longer in our control and it is out of our hands.

NORMALLY 9 times out of 10, a "delivered" order is located within a few hours. Also, please check with your neighbors, who might have received your order incorrectly. 

Please consider that I am a small business/artist and not Amazon; because of this, I will not automatically replace your deck if the carrier marks that it was delivered. I will work with USPS, FedEx, or UPS to find your order, and once all efforts have been exhausted, I will do what I can to make everything right. Please be aware that when the carrier scans your deck as being delivered, what happens on your property is also out of my control. You will receive an email or sms text depending on the contact information you provided when ordering, the moment your order is out for delivery, and the moment it delivers.

Who do I contact with a question?
It's just me, MJ - I wear many hats :-)

Please email me at mj@crowtarot.com. If I don't respond immediately, I am not ignoring you; it is because I have a lot on my plate, including being a single mom. Please send me a gentle nudge if I don't respond after a few days. Something to consider is that my weekends and evenings are generally spent with my "mom hat on," doing stuff with my daughter, cleaning, doing laundry, making dinner, etc... so I may not respond during those times. 

My order arrived damaged or not right - can I return it?
YES! Please contact me within 14 days of delivery if the order isn't correct or damaged, and I will send a replacement. Please email me pictures and a description of the damage to mj@crowtarot.com

The deck is not damaged, but I changed my mind. Can I return it?
Yes, but please be aware that because your deck was shipped directly from the printer or signed by me without any plastic seal, your deck will be considered used, and I can't resell it. Your return will be $10 less than the purchase price to cover the initial shipping of the deck to you, plus processing the return. Please contact me at mj@crowtarot.com to arrange the return. 

Can I return an ebook or download?

I am sorry, no, because it was automatically delivered and now the file is in your possession with no way of retrieving it. I will credit you the amount of the ebook for purchasing the physical book. 

Can I use your art from one of your decks as part of a tattoo?

Can I return a downloaded item? I am sorry - no since it was automatically sent and I have no way to know if you printed or opened the

If you want to use my artwork as a tattoo - sure! 

Can I use your art as a label or in a component on something I plan on selling?

No. I do not give permission to reproduce my artwork in any way that will sold. Any use of my artwork in the fashion will result in legal action. 

Did you contact me via Instagram to see if I wanted a reading? 

NO! No! No! - I will never DM you to solicit a private reading.

My Crow Tarot deck arrived with a missing card, can you send me a replacement?

US Games will send you out a replacement card please contact them at:


My dog ate a card from my Wise Dog deck, can you send me a replacement?

US Games will send you out a replacement card please contact them at: