Art does not ask that you think like the artist; it prompts you to think for yourself.

Art does not ask that you think like the artist; it prompts you to think for yourself.

While driving my kiddo to school this morning, I heard a story on NPR about Mark Rothko. The reporter mentioned an exchange Rothko had with someone who commissioned a painting from him. This customer was not happy with his use of dark colors. She wanted a happy painting with red, oranges, and yellows. Rothko responded, but aren't those the colors of an inferno? What the artist and viewer see does not always reflect that same thing. As a viewer, we view the painting from our unique perspective. We see what we want to see.

I believe it is the job of art to start a conversation; it often serves as the first step to connecting with our beliefs, history, and higher self. It's a journey of discovery, not of the artist's mind but our heart and soul. In visual storytelling, my medium of choice is tarot and oracle decks, and the importance of personal interpretation is very profound; it is why most people are attracted to tarot and oracle decks. My job is to deliver you prompts and imagery that spark your imagination and connect on a deeper subconscious level. I see my job like this: I create the music and you create the lyrics. Although the melody may be the same, each one of you creates a different song.

This dynamic interaction between an artist's creation and the reader's interpretation is what makes tarot and oracle decks so compelling. Each card serves as a starting point, a spark that ignites an exploration. In this way, the experience of engaging with these decks is constantly evolving, never static. The same card can evoke different feelings, thoughts, and insights at different times, reflecting our ever-changing inner landscape.

The beauty of tarot and oracle decks lies in their inherent capacity to mirror our psyche, reflecting our deepest thoughts, emotions, and aspirations. It is not a directive from the artist but an invitation for you to embark on a personal voyage of understanding and introspection. Each piece serves as a catalyst, not dictating a single narrative but opening a myriad of possibilities, each colored by our individual experiences and perceptions. This dynamic, ever-changing interaction is the heart of artistic expression, where the true magic happens. It's not about seeing the world through the artist's eyes but discovering new lenses to view our own world. Art, in its purest form, doesn't just communicate a message; it sparks a conversation with our inner selves, allowing us to compose the unique song of our lives.
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So looking forward the new box of The Garden with Animals. I love using my Crow Tarot cards.

Myra J Healy

Thank you. Great piece. Renews my purpose as an artist.


I love this!!! ❤️

Susie P King

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