Liminal Forest - Competition

Liminal Forest - Competition

From time to time, people may fall into the misconception that advancing along a particular journey necessitates the forceful displacement of others. However, the truth is that the path can comfortably accommodate everyone; the thing is, in the long run, we benefit from learning how to make space for one another. This doesn't entail stepping off the path or allowing others to overpower us. Instead, it signifies the art of preserving our place while graciously offering room to others. A shared journey provides more growth opportunities, not to mention help when the road gets rough. A solo journey, where you remove all others on the path, may make it comfortable in the short term, but loneliness will step in to join you over time. 

Preserving Our Place While Offering Room to Others

There's a misconception that "making space" means stepping back, sacrificing our goals, or allowing others to overshadow us. In reality, it's quite the contrary. Making space is about recognizing our strengths and values and allowing them to shine while acknowledging and respecting the value others bring.

Imagine you're walking along a wide path with a group. There's ample space for everyone to walk side by side. If everyone understands the value of sharing this space, the journey becomes harmonious, with each person benefiting from the other's perspectives, experiences, and companionship. This is the essence of a shared journey.

Sharing the journey with others opens doors to diverse perspectives and lessons we might not encounter if we walked alone. Just as in a business setting where teamwork often leads to more innovative solutions, a life journey enriched with varied experiences and viewpoints leads to personal growth and enlightenment.

Moreover, companions provide the necessary support and strength when the path gets challenging or uncertain. They can be the guiding hand or the voice of encouragement urging us to push through.

While there might be initial allure in walking the path alone—having full control, not needing to accommodate others—it's a path that can quickly become lonely and isolating. Like an unwelcome traveler, loneliness often joins those who push everyone else away, casting a shadow over achievements and milestones.

In my almost forty years of working, I have witnessed and been subject to companies that shut out collaboration or partnerships in the name of competition, only to find themselves isolated and left behind as others innovate and grow together. This same principle applies to personal journeys. Those who choose to go solo may lack the richness of shared experiences, devoid of the joys, sorrows, and learnings that make the journey meaningful.

 Outpacing everyone or crushing the competition at the cost of relationships and shared experiences leads to hollow successes. It's about understanding that the path is vast and rich, with enough room for everyone. Embrace the art of making space, and you'll find that the journey becomes more rewarding, fulfilling, and meaningful. After all, success is sweeter when celebrated together.

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